Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bubbling hot

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Spontaneous combustion is a real fear among us. Fire trucks were called to the scene, the driver was treated for smoke inhalation after he was pulled clear of the vechicle.

Honest recycling

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At the local Chow Ma bus station I saw this gem. From left to right flamable, non-flamable, and recycling. Much easier than the bins at McDonalds. "Fire! Fire heh heh fire"- Beavis and Butthead. Why not seperate trash into items that burn and don't. Salem witch trials. (or monty phython). Witches that floated were made of wood and burned. If they didn't float they drowned and were not a witch. If they couldn't be burnt they were un-natural. digression. Could paper be placed in the recycling bin. No because it is flamable. Glass goes in the non-flamable bin. Where does plastic go?

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

G-Love = C-Rap

I thought I had left it behind me in Lubbock. However, back in Taichung I've come across the new Coke song for Coke Zero (no idea, no interest). In the new commercial, they remake the cheese classic "Hilltop" I'd like to teach to world to sing (click here for music and lyrics or here for the video of the commercial - mouse over chilltop then click hilltop), which was truly hippy-dippy but still memorable and singable. I just tuned out the "honey bees" and "snow white turtle doves" and sang the words a 7 year old was more comfortable with, like "Coke," "keep," "real thing," and "want."

Now, we go from hilltop - a real place, an actual hill top - to a state of mind: Chilltop. Wait, maybe that does make sense. A location word formed from a verb and a noun. Like Shithouse! The top of an building in Philly with a white rapper/singer, G-Love, and assorted earnestly-staring, sartorially-deprived youths. Yeah, now it's all clear. Please go here to see G-Love and the New Christy Liberals rap and sing I'd like to teach the world to chill. They would also like you to note in the bottom left corner that Your mind is your crib. Chill and He who is most chill wins. More coccyx-tingling fun awaits you at wordlchill. I can only hope PJ's I-Mesozoic has enough bandwidth so we can play this 500 times and stifle any future Entire-day-of-playing-the-only-GLove-CD-I-have. Anyway, who needs coke when you have Dr. Pepper?

I've enabled the word verification on the comments. Should have done it long ago, but... Just type the word/letters displayed under the comment box. This will stop automated comment spam and probably several others from posting in the comments - Frenchie, Yuri, D.U.G.

Public Service Announcement

I've been eagerly checking Espn's schedule for a month waiting to see when NFL will start up in Taiwan. I was a bit worried when nothing ever showed up, but last night my pent-up fear was released in a sudden whoosh of relief. I rewarded myself with a beer or two. or three. Whatever.

Sept. 10, 1:00 a.m. Oakland Raiders vs. New England Patriots
--Let's start off the season with a blow out to make the rest more exciting in comparison.

Sept. 12, 7:30 a.m. NFL Prime Time - there is nothing more sublime.
Sept. 12, 8:28 a.m. Indianapolis Colts vs. Baltimore Ravens - Peyton Manning meet Ray Lewis!
Sept 12, 12:00 p.m. - repeat of above.

Sept. 13, 9:00 a.m. Philadelphia Hubris vs. Atlanta Falcons - T.O. and McNabb! Michael Vick!

Please put your predictions in the comments section. Any mistakes due to me not being some Bread-like sports nut who even knows which waterboy was traded in the off-season are my responsibility alone. No, wait - I blame Frenchie.

Monday, August 29, 2005

I'm moving to Canada

I just cannot take anymore of the fascism of George Bush's America, where a prisoner can be held for 4 years without being charged and is only allowed 20 minutes a day of time outside his cell. The prisoner, Hassan Almrei, has lost 100 pounds since his arrest and had to protest to be allowed to wear shoes and to raise the heat in his cell. Not only that, the prisoner gets no radio or television. And he is about to be deported to Syria, a country known to torture prisoners.

The only moral choice is to move to Canada, where this sort of thing just does not happen.

Saturday, August 27, 2005


Taiwan's Department of English Teacher Procurement and KK Phonetic Enforcement is warning local citizens to be on maximum alert for this man, alias Pimp. He is rumored to be planning to enter Taiwan with the help of Canada based snakeheads sometime in the next few days. If found, please do not attempt to subdue him. Roll cans of beer into his vicinity to distract him and contact the authorities.

Quotes not from Bread

More quotes that are worth fifteen minutes. J-Hole will especially appreciate the Pamela Anderson one near the bottom, though the Tara Reid one at the top is fairly entertaining.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Hot Tea PJ : Northern Command

Report from last Wednesday:

Quiz - Who said it? "Women ruined the best sex a man ever had."
If you need help, click here. Hell, click anyway after you guess.

Challenge: Rank the following in order of occurrence. The winner gets a beer at PJ's (serve yourself) or 2 from the Northern Command. Ties will be decided by me in any manner I see fit.

  • Frenchie comes back to Taiwan
  • Bread comes back to Taiwan
  • PJ leaves Taiwan and sets up in Thailand
  • Hannnibal Jim gets married
  • Lance enters into a civil union

Notes: Kevlar was AWOL, fined 1 beer. Hannibal Jim and Commander Cardy lost a bet to me, though I can't remember what it was. Expect payment tonight.

Are you a real man?

Let's see if you have the nads to do this!

p.s. My work computer has no sound, so I couldn't tell where these guys were from, but here are my guesses in order of probability:

a. Texas
b. Maritimes
c. Montana
d. Florida

As you all know, California is full of hippies so we have no guns at all. And certainly no nads.

Poker table for sale or rent

Poker table
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Want to make extra money? Convince your friends to play cards, take them to school. Be the best teacher you can be. Eight sided octagon table, felt top. Folding legs. Chip retaining trench. High quality Levis steel framed wood backed chairs thrown into the right deal. Reason for parting, got tired of counting other peoples great losses. You wouldn't play football without shoes. So why play cards without a great table? Make me an offer. proceeds go to diapers and dental work.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Extra Innings

I missed the briefing Wednesday at HQ as I was in Taipei. I expect the minutes on my desk by the crack of two Friday.

I'd like to say that 2 weeks ago I was on time. As were others. Even Red A came by HQ! That's the only time he's ever pulled himself away from the family, the beer, the war games and what not to stop by. Other than Bread's send off of course! Who could forget that! And a joint good call by Bread---does anyone else miss him already?--- and Dean-o to not move Festivities to another bar around midnight. It would have broken the cohesion of the evening for sure.
Anyway, so Aaron shows up on a scooter! Couldn't believe it. Coincidentally, that night I happened to be passing out Bread Socks for the first time and when I offered him a pair he replied an enthusiastic "YESSS! That's why I'm here Dude!" Wow. I never imagined such a response.
For the record, both Kevlar and Big Chris took BSocks among other things. Jimbo and D-Wayne declined. Politely. Sort of. Since then J-Hole, Bo Bissett(say this name fast---always) among many others (they know who they are ) have taken some. Jimbo and D-Wayne declined once again. "Got my own. Thanks." Bo Bissett, to his credit, took Bread's gym shorts which, I gotta say, didn't think would go at all.
So I didn't think John was coming at all! And he started this Humpday Nonsense! So it was 8 and we were hungry and wanted to play computer baseball at the same time, which is a really wierd combination. So we did. John & Co. showed up right after we left according to Jimbo. Sorry we missed yall. I made KD---Mac & Cheese-- if you're not from Canada. Aaron and Kevin then embarked on what was to become a marathon game to break all records. They drank and cursed their way through 19 innings of joy and frustration until Aaron's homer in the top of the 19th put him up for good to take it 3-2.

Here are some excerpts---

A: God! I'm swinging at everything 'cause you're throwing shit!

K: Whatever.

A: You tried to hit me, f***er!

K: I tried to get you to go fishing, and you did!

A: You're really lucky. That's annoying. Your
luck's annoying dude.

K: Crap!

A: That's just crazy shit dude!

R: How's it going?

K: Well, apparently Aaron hasn't figured out how to steal bases yet.

A: I play with 9 year olds dude.

K: Oh!! F*** you!!

A: OOOH! That was good!

K: Oh! What the...

A: Patience Kevin...OOH! I rock!!!!

R: Ooooo...

K: Whatever happened to the Ultimate Wrestler?

A: ???? Didn't he come back to life?

K: One of the mysteries of childhood I guess....

Kaia has done her time

sticky rice day
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My little girl is moving back to Taichung. I hope she can cope with the hussle and bussel. She has completed one month with the inlaws. They distribute sticky rice to all the well wishers. Because my school is on holiday and I am required to distribute the sticky rice to friends the same day (too difficult to track all down as many of you are at work). Cigars are order fellas.
Kaia and grandmother The woman with the magic quieting touch.
Kaia and grandma
My toothless cueball enjoying a little fresh air. She is a month old and out growing her outfits. She took a bath yesterday and didn't cry she is so brave.

air con school

air con school
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I spent a couple of hours with an air compressor, scrub brush, oven cleaner, and water hose. I studied how smoking clogs the air cooling machine. This machine was not fun to clean but it works well. Oh yeah and the price was if I could carry it I could have it. In the future I totally plan to be one of those old guys who stands around telling young guys who try to save a buck "You should do it like this... you should do it like that.. Oh don't do that it will never work.." Those old guys seem to enjoy doing nothing.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Here is a little parody of Texas schools. Those who know which schools Bread and I went to, see if you think the descriptions are apt. If you don't know where we went to school, pick the ones that describe us best. Stick to the first six schools listed.

Rape of the Earth

rock project1
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Under a big sky workers toil. Cutting swaths for rocks. Truckloads are carted away to be seperated from their kin. New walls are built, canals, dykes, topsoil added. Farmers get one check for stones. One bill for dykes. Lots of dust, and the limitation of two rice or yam crops for the year.
rock project 2
Aparently Taiwan has laws about the removal of stones from rivers. Here the river was diverted years ago so these stones are fair game. Small truck stone value 3000 large truck over 10000. The dyke wall in the picture (length) cost 80000. So who gets the profit? Well there are a lot of rocks down there. There are also people who just buy large rocks for display purposes. If I dig up boulders can I put made in Taiwan handicraft stickers on them? If I use a shovel can I autograph them as designer picked? I gotta go look up rocks on e-bay. "High price, High quality".

lots of big cans

lots of big cans
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There is a new beer out here. Draft beer. It is a keg with a hand pump. In this picture it is dislayed next to one litre cans. I had the H draft at the pigs pens and I didn't think it was all that. Perhaps if you (rent/buy at 7-11) it will be all that and a bag of chips.
beer in a big can Here it is next to a regular size can. Tag said 670$ I don't know if there is a deposit. I think if it said Kirin I would have one in my fridge for debriefings.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Free Wheeler

four wheeler
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Ryab told my boss that I was a carpenter. So Grace decided that I should be in charge of cutting the grass. The teachers at my school have become labourers. Karl is in charge of parking. Chris prints books with ink blocks. Frank has to talk to his co-workers. The two new guys have to listen to one another in an airconditioned room. It might be a long run to the winter break. Good luck everybody.

Slow Day

Bread blogged an equation for this snail back in July. The West African Astro Snail is supposedly larger than any other on the Planet. You wouldn't know it to look at him but he can go really fast! At least faster than other, less developed gastropods. I propose everyone find their own snail for "Snail Derby I" to be held in my yard in mid to late September. If you can't find one I may be able to provide you with a smaller version of this one, though Sandy has taken to evicting the offending slimers who have been munching on garden foliage.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

August 25

On August 25th at the Potomac Nationals game, our own Kevlar will have an opportunity to win something. That's right, if he can get over to the D.C. area, he will discover it to be Hairiest Back at the Ballpark night. Winner gets free laser removal of the aforementioned back hair. I reckon all should contribute some pennies to get him over there so baby Kaia doesn't grow up thinking Dad is a grizzly bear.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

"Tai Ke" = 台客

A new craze sweeping Taiwan is the so-called "Tai-Ke" 台客 which is supposed to be a stereotypical Taiwanese guy in the tradition of plastic slippers, wife-beater shirt or flower-printed shirt, bin-lang eating, Mild-Seven smoking , Sanyang driving - you get the idea.

Only problem is that pretty much covers Kevlar, too. I guess Ann must be a little bit Tai-Mei, the female version of a Tai-Ke.

Mr. Wu Bai is presented as a very good example of Tai-Ke. Here's some more gleanings from the internet and Yahoo with weak photos and all in Chinese. I think we could find a better paragon of Tai-Ke virtue within 50 台尺 of any 7-11.

Make sure to ask some of your friends and co-workers if they are "Tai-Ke" but beware the backlash has already begun. (Check out the club's name in the little web address section of your browser. I guess Tai-Ke are not universally loved.)

Kevlar, Kaya-King

Formal congrats to Anne and Kevlar on their recent little bundle, Kaia Jane.


Bread hands

We're 3 weeks from Day Zero. Choose your favorite Bread-ism.

1. Kiss a fat lady in the ass.
2. We're sorted.
3. Fagget.
4. What are you, a commie?
5. Commie Fagget.
6. Nice Zingers.
7. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.
8. I don't drink.
9. One Vodka-Cran, please.
10. It's like, Jesus John!
11. Cross!!! Ougadougou style.
12. I feel dissed.
13. You don't care about me.
14. Takes one to know one.
15. Rotation.
16. Does this bother you?
17. Why aren't you happy?
18. Holy Moley said the Roley Poley.
19. Got to put a fork in that one.
20. Just to let you know...
21. Spooged.
22. You don't love me anymore.
23. Oh god, it's Lance.
24. I ordered that rare.
25. Groundwork.
26. That's the last time I ever go to PJ's.
27. Cheap bastard.
28. Can you pick me up something to drink?
29. Thanks for the update.
30. I'm done.
31. FMs, Pigs Pen, Londoner-er-er.

That's all I can think of right now.

Best Kevlar quote about Bread, " Hey! the guy in the pink shirt wants a Vodka-Cran!" - to the waitress at Two Tigers after BM was pestering him to buy him a drink.

smoking pig

smoking pig
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This little piggy was near a pleasant smelling buffet.
This little guy has stuff next to him. Liver?

eggs for chickens

eggs for chickens
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One quiet afternoon a young woman was strolling by the 8 drunken fairies. It was requested that this shirt be recorded and blogged. We all like shirts. Why didn't we send staff to PJ's to get pictures of the weeks best shirt or skirt or for that matter hair? After this picture Kevlar had to briefly explain to her aunt or mother why this is a funny T-shirt (in Chinese). She smiled and nodded.

White trash

White trash
Originally uploaded by kevlar1.
Do they cover the tires to prevent theft? Did they put it on blocks and want to keep the grass from growing? Is it so dogs won't piss and stain the rims? Another option may be they covers prevent the sun from fading the tire. (so why not cover the whole truck, oh yeah it is already faded and f%^#ed).
I got a new camshaft and lots of seals and gaskets. I can once again sail along at 80 km/hr.
One more thing. Do you like mutton?

Friday, August 19, 2005

We're Number 2!

Does that mean Gary, Indiana is our sister city?
Scroll down to read list.

Hot Tea PJ Northern Command: Drunken 8 Fairies

I am pleased to report that while PJ has been on furlough and we have lost the temporary use of headquarters, members of the 40th Expeditionary Methuselah Group have secured Drunken 8 Fairies as our temporary command. Briefings are every Wednesday at 5:00. Those wishing to become part of the group must present bona fides of their age or achieve promotion through the ranks, i.e. keeping mugs topped off, buying every third beer, errands to 7-11 and other gestures of respect.

We are putting out a call for volunteers to supplement our very capable but easily-winded sports team. Those with knowledge of, actual proficiency in or just being able to walk unassisted for 5 minutes are encouraged to contact us in person or through this site.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I had a dream about Bread

Actually, he wasn't in the dream at all, but we were all in some strange frat house and I found a book written by Bread. It was some fantasy book with ads for tools in the back.

Hmmmmm, maybe Bread has written a book?

Bonus: Here's what Bread wants for Christymas.

p.s. I apologize for all of us at NiHowdy for the last few weeks of Bread nostalgia.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Day the Traffic Stopped

Today at 2:00 p.m. the air raid sirens wailed. The cops were blocking Wen Hsin so I tried some back roads but they were all blocked off by cops who kept making strange motioning gestures. Finally I figured it out and pulled over next to all the glum-faced Taiwanese people.

At first, it was pleasantly quiet (in the Taiwanese sense of only a few distant jackhammers) with all the scooter engines silent.

But then I started getting nervous.

I suddenly realized I was cut off from the Internet and without any method to get cool refreshing sodas.

My butt started going numb from sitting on the scooter for 20 minutes.

I fiddled with my cell phone, deleting some numbers and sent Kevlar a message. But a cell phone really is not that interesting.

A cop car came by with some chick announcing over a loud speaker, "Good Afternoon Taichung City...garble...garble...garble."

It did not sound like "WAR! CHICOMS HIT C.K.S. AND KEELUNG HARBOR" so I relaxed.

30 minutes later we were free to go. Ah the whine of 50cc engines! The sound of freedom!

P.s. Next time I find the intersection with a 7-11.

I agree with Mr. Chalabi

From OpinionJournal:

The best suggestion we've heard for cutting this Gordian knot comes from the much-maligned Ahmed Chalabi, who is now Iraq's deputy prime minister with special responsibilities for oil and infrastructure and has emerged as a major constitutional broker. He has bucked some of his Shiite and Kurdish allies by insisting that ultimate control of Iraq's natural wealth must remain in the hands of the central government, while also suggesting constitutional language that the wealth be owned by all Iraqis in "equal measure." In other words, the oil would be managed by the central government in the interests of all Iraqis wherever they live, but not owned by it.

Mr. Chalabi hopes that the "equal measure" concept will pave the way in practice for the creation of an oil trust, under which Iraqis would from birth have accounts established in their name. Iraqis would receive their full and equal share of oil revenue and the government would have to vote to tax it away. Mr. Chalabi sees this as a way of breaking the "oil curse" that has turned so many oil-rich nations into corrupt tyrannies.
I have to agree with him.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Monday, August 15, 2005

Caucasians in Taiwan Shocked

In startling news, the Taiwanese government has ceased issuing white cards (白卡) to arriving Caucasian English teachers. More notably, the government has declared there will be no grandfather clause enacted and all existing cards are as of now invalid. It will be replaced with the platinum card (白金卡) available only to individuals with a corporation, limited company or narcopathic pharmaceutical resellers. Evidence of this was witnessed last Friday when one "Frenchie" was barred from re-entering the island for a period of 4 years, 2 months and five days after overstaying his visa for 4 years, 2 months and 5 days. Frenchie calmly entered negotiations with the police officials and played his white card - a clean-shaven face for the first time in 4 years, 2 months and 5 days, a stoop from the burden of Canadian flag patches covering his clothes, only moderately reeking of alcohol and a pair of socks to accompany his Birkenstocks. Officials were unmoved and only offered him the choice of immediate departure or 5 years of intensive Taiwanese lessons.

In a related noted, a recent ex-illegal alien has requested help from readers in choosing a new - rhymes with halias. Post suggestions in any comment box. When choosing, please bear in mind that this was his idea.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Kevin wants

Kevin wants
Originally uploaded by kevlar1.
I want this and i have no reason.
i don't need this

J-Hole - Get off your duff

Please delete D.U.G. and give his posting privileges to Jimbo!

The guy simultaneously slammed Bread, Frenchie, Bo, and some chick named Montana., all in reference to PJ and alcohol.

Oh, yeah, ABBA is winning the I-Pod war versus Billy Joel.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

How bored is the public?

Some, like myself, actually read all of Karl's chess report. I will be watching curling on ESPN 8 next week.

The Valley of the Sun

I just went to an OUTDOOR dining facility in Phoenix where you paid money for meat. Raw meat. Then you had to BBQ it yourself. This place is so wretched in August they don't even want to cook for you. My friend here is an F-16 fighter pilot who owns an enormous home with all the fixings. He apparently thought this was a good location to go with his pregnant wife. I think he just wanted to show off his horseshoe skills, consequences be damned. Flagstaff tomorrow, thank heavens.

I am going to add an extra line here to try and boot Kevlar's picture down. Hopefully it works.

spa project

spa project
Originally uploaded by kevlar1.
The owner of the Shao Lin amusement monastery has hired a drilling company. This massive 8 storey rig is drilling for water. Water that is already heated. How far do you think a wallet has to go to find hot water? Perhaps he is looking for something else, like maybe ...? If only I was Albertan I could say " No, that rig is drilling for natural gas."

Nuts I know

Originally uploaded by kevlar1.
Phat Ryanbread2bread3src="" width="240" height="180" alt="bread and butter" />Aaron in thoughtbread1

Friday, August 12, 2005

I went to the weekly Wednesday meeting at the Drunken 8 Fairies, though RyeGuy, Red A and Kevlar had adjourned early dropping the count to only 5. During the process of passing many resolutions (2 or 3 cases) Karl and whoever he was talking to started spewing some tripe about their hoops ability. So enamored of themselves, Hannibal Jim and I were unable to get a word in. So here it is now. Jim and I will take on you and your mystery gloater. We're calling you out. A game to ten, by ones. Tell us how many you want us to spot you and what stakes are acceptable. We've already stomped Big Gay Lance and Frenchie for two weeks in a row. We await your acceptance.

I love this bar.

When in the Hub City, after a long, hard day of repressing and proselytizing, I like to kick back with a beer. And the Lone Star Oyster Bar is a prime choice. $1.50 schooners every day, all day and plenty of sports. You'll notice the Big XII conference flags above the bar. You'll also notice that two of them are upside down. One is Texas A&M and the orange one is the University of Texas, Bread's school. Generally, the rivalries are good-natured, but they can get out of hand. Like the time in 2001 when Tech stomped the Aggies in football. Some of the fans (reports say about 1,000) thought we needed to add a little injury to the already achieved insult. The goal posts were torn down - happens often. Then, the fans leveled them and started running toward the A&M fan section attempting to skewer some Aggies. Well,the height of the wall separating the field from the stands made it a difficult angle to score direct hits. Nonetheless, one solid body shot was achieved, as well as some assorted crunching when the goal posts were dropped. Aggies like to fight and Raiders like to drink. Being the courteous hosts, we obliged our guests.We'd already been doing our drinking anyway. In the ensuing Level 2 melee, confused Aggies began pummeling Rick Perry, Gov. of Texas, and his chief of staff. Perry is an Aggie alum and the chief of staff's son is the A&M center.

On the right side of the photo you can see something obscuring the U.S. flag. Those would be bras. Seems that whenever the ladies feel the urge, they are allowed to take off their boob hats and place them on the rafters - but only in the back half so they don't block the view of the hi-def TV. Just prior to taking this photo, two girls came in the back door from the bar across the alley. They were wearing only cut-off jeans. They said they had declared it topless Thursday and just wanted to say "hi." The two turned around, walked back to the other bar and took every male with them. I love this bar, and the other one's not bad, either.

Notes from the Road

Well, the road has brought me to beautiful, scenic Albuqurque, NM. The Land of Enchantment is dirty, dusty and hot if anybody is wondering. Swung through Lubbock where I met J-Hole's mother and wife for afternoon tea. Ensconed on J-hole's mother's TV is a photo of young J-Hole, complete with mohawk and two earrings (one was long and dangly, the other a diamond stud). This photo was obviously taken when he was a true blue democrat who built sweat lodges instead of bar-b-ques.

Had an opportuntity to pass through Muleshoe, TX yesterday, rekindling memories of poker nights at the pit. But now is a time for reality, so let's analyze the reality of Muleshoe today.
Muleshoe has an airport, a Sonic, and a McDonalds. This shattered my impression of a hillbilly town out on the high plains, but I was hopped up on seven Mountain Dews, so I searched for more. Muleshoe has a Metal Art shop, leading me to believe at least one long hair resides there. There is also a John Deere Dealership (though no car dealership), giving me hope that white trash might be near. The sprinkler repair store is next door to a China Buffet (whatever that means) and an AM radio station. They even have a stoplight! So the next time you want to bash Muleshoe, remember, the Muleshoe Heritage Foundation exists specifically to quash its image as a backwater.

My next stop is Phoenix, where the temperature the past month has been 110+ nearly every day. Wish me, and my car luck...

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Suicide Bombing in FuZhou

With many disturbing photos. This happened 4 days ago.

Am I a recluse or was this not major news anywhere? Anyone see any inernational or Taiwan coverage of this?

Be the next Dash Riprock!

I would like to clarify a point in RyeGuy's Bread News post. Bread left behind his cell phone and now its going up for auction. Nevermind that it's old and looks like some sort of ball, it's what's inside that counts. The Houston Hound Dog has numbers for most of the over-18 year olds in Central Taiwan. Guys - and Karl's wife - you should be crashing the site with your offers. Don't worry that you're not Bread. If a fluorescent jumpsuit-wearing Teasipper with Chris Jericho-inspired hair can score, anybody can. The current, and only, bid is Kevlar's with $450. Proceeds will go either to buying Frenchie a fake passport or Karl an invisibility cloak.

P.S. - Have we bumped Kevlar's crane mural off the page yet? If not, post something, anything, please.

Frenchie leaves Taiwan - FMs stuck with tab

Everyone's invited out this Saturday to FMs to say goodbye to Frenchie as he leaves for Thailand. He only overstayed his visa by 4 years but is trying to make up for that by traveling on a passport that only has 3 days validity left on it. His first stop will be Koh Tao to see PJ and the gang. See him Saturday or see him in a Thai prison.

Ticket to Ride

John, Jim and I witnessed the last cents spent by the Bread Machine in Taichung.

We all downed Kirins (John -2) on the bus platform as we waited to send him off.

You guys can all stop wearing black now.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bread News

Bread has been gone for 10 days now. I feel an odd void in my life, like a mosquito bite that doesn't itch anymore. Because he was staying at my house near the End-Days I came to really understand the ways and means of the Bread Machine. This rare glimpse leaves one with a lasting Bread Shadow that lingers long after the departure of the Loaf. Only Kevlar knows what I'm talking about. We were discussing it last night over Kirins and agreed that mostly we're just glad he's gone. That being said the news on the wire is that BM is loading up his car in Houston for his journey to Montana. That's great because he'll probably be on the road for the opening bids on his cell phone memory, which has surprisingly garnered more interest than the 17 pair of socks collection left at my place during the Packing Ritual. John and Frenchy have dibs on be fairly distributed to the first 17 drinkers at the seafood place tonight after work. see yall there...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Barbie Museum in Taiwan

Mostly cuz we gotta keep up that "local" stuff.

Sex Map

High School Sex Map with Analysis by NiHowdy

Monday, August 08, 2005

Poll: What's the best way to contact J-Hole?

A. Call him at home.
B. Call him on his cell phone.
C. Stop by PJ's any evening.
D. Send smoke signals.
E. Leave comments on his blog.


F. Get Anheuser-Busch to print your message on the inside of Bud caps.

and of course if you are really desperate.

Hot Sauce!

I know some of you like spicy food.

First, a nice link to a guy who is attempting to eat a different bottle of hot sauce a day.

By the way, if you are impressed - and I am - drop over and leave an encouraging comment or two.

Second, a link to a hot sauce blog - not as ambitious but covers a lot of ground.

Thricely, a blog about BURRITOS - the food of the gods. Maybe we can come up with a blog about Bahwan or O-wa-zen to compete. Buhawahhahahahahah!

Bonus tidbit: Tesco is selling Keystone beer - premium Keystone no less, for NT 98/ six pack. They are 295ml cans though - very sneaky.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Jobs I don't want

back breaker
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Man this guy has got to get a sore back and webbed feet.
This guy can't be doing a whole lot better in the sore back, webbed feet department. Nice to be a teacher with soft hands and a sore beer belly back. PS sorry for posting the big pic and making everything jump. I can't figure out how to fix it.

Fathers day food

fathers day food
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Dinner with the inlaws. Pretty fancy spread.fathers day dinner
lots of sea food Fathers day dinner
shrimp and stone rock shrimp
Happy fathers day.

off road 150

off road 150
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150 cc. top speed 100kmph. smooth ride cruise at 70.A/C. good in the rain, wind. Fun. Can carry furniture.on road 50cc
50 cc top speed. 60 kmph. sounds like a outboard motor. cruise at 40 kmph. quick thru traffic. small. cheap to repair. street everyday light traffic.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Karls tall car

Karls tall car
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This car has some head room. Is it a 1978 honda civic? I know some of you think it would make a nice hat. The guy who made this had a sense of humor and some freetime.