Thursday, March 30, 2006

Poker, a card game, some shits and giggles

Jimbo is turning his heels away from the island. He plans to spread his wings and change pastures in the not so distant future. He mentioned he would like to host a game perhaps in the afternoon. On a weekend. His abode borders the empires of John, Kevin, Karl and AJ. He mentioned BBQ, beer and a fast moving game. Aj is prepping for a big Ta do so is unavailable to host. John doesn't like hosts. Kevin's house is too small. Karl could be at an airport. Red A needs to make an appearance. Who could show up on time?

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Found one of these in my shoe

Any ideas what I should do about it? So far, it's eaten my wife, kids, and a few street dogs.

Where could it be?

Correct Mr. Bean. I assume Mr. Bean is none other than John Lock. Is that correct?

Anyways, here are some more photos. Where were they taken and for which event. It was awesome, I'll get the video up.

While we enjoy drinks at Soho St.

Some other Canadians and Americans are having a much tougher time.

Charlie Taylor

Watch the video
Charlie Taylor - Spring Scream 2005 - This tune was a new one to me last year. It's now one of my favs. Here's a link to his blog.

History Lesson?

As opposed to forwarding this kind of thing, thought i would post it here. This is strange and very coincidental. I really wonder if it is true...

Have a history teacher explain this----- if they can.
Abraham Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846.
John F. Kennedy was elected to Congress in 1946.
Abraham Lincoln was elected President in 1860.
John F. Kennedy was elected President in 1960.
Both were particularly concerned with civil rights.
Both wives lost their children while living in the White House.
Both Presidents were shot on a Friday.
Both Presidents were shot in the head.
Now it gets really weird.
Lincoln 's secretary was named Kennedy.
Kennedy's Secretary was named Lincoln.
Both were assassinated by Southerners.
Both were succeeded by Southerners n amed Johnson.
Andrew Johnson, who succeeded Lincoln, was born in 1808.
Lyndon Johnson, who succeeded Kennedy, was born in 1908.
John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated Lincoln, was born in 1839.
Lee Harvey Oswald, who assassinated Kennedy, was born in 1939.
Both assassins were known by their three names.
Both names are composed of fifteen letters.
Now hang on to your seat.
Lincoln was shot at the theater named 'Ford.'
Kennedy was shot in a car called ' Lincoln' made by 'Ford.'
Lincoln was shot in a theater and his assassin ran and hid in a warehouse.
Kennedy was shot from a warehouse and his assassin ran and hid in a theater.
Booth and Oswald were assassinated before their trials.
An d here's the kicker... A week before Lincoln was shot, he was in Monroe, Maryland
A week before Kennedy was shot, he was with Marilyn Monroe.

HT to my friend Geoff

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Where could it be?

The previous photo was taken at YangMing Shan National Park.

The statue is none other than Lord Yang Ming.

Here is a photo taken somewhere in Taiwan. For those of you who have been there, it will be an easy guess. What is it? Where was it taken?

P.S. For those of you who met my twin brother on Sunday afternoon. Sorry for his druken rudeness. He tells me he's still hung over today.

Porno Question

Now, normally I don't post any porn, but after being directed by to check out their own boobie site, I noticed this one set of pics that just begs the question:

Are these not the best set of breasts you have ever seen?

Seriously, I need more input to validate my opinion, so take some time to check them out.

Mid-Week Miscellany

Hey, thanks for all the help. No, really. Bunch of lazy sob's. I ask for just a little help verifying some dates and the admission policies for the Watoto concerts and I get nothing. PIMP! Un-drunk your ass and reply. Shin Ming is your school. But then again, it must be pretty hard to read a computer screen with your eyelids secured shut with vomit. Mr. Bean! Ming Dao would be your school. Turn off the Dead and quit dreaming of tie-dye.


Anyone who went on last weekend's diving trip to Green Island is invited to write a post and email it to me (click on J-Hole under contributors) and I will post it for you. Tell me where you would like to have links, if any, and include any pictures you have.


Soho Street Gin Mill Comparison




Get your own beer? Only if you want one No, unless D-Wayne is uni-tasking



YES!Well, no.Yes!No. At least not chili

Poutine - the chili of Fubar

A push


Generous pours

100NT Taiwan Gold Medal

You had me at 100NT


Hold your breath

Get your breath-it's upstairs

Salut Pizza

Free Shots

When he's feeling good (often) or, when the Eagles score (Hope that he's feeling good)

Not Nova Scotian, but...



Cable, satellite and mis-taped games-looking into this "computer" thing

Cable, satellite, big screen and slingbox - looking for Jr. High school nerd to teach him how to use them


Banned Patrons




What is it?

Back at you PIMP. Everyone but Smokey can play along on this one. Question 1: What is it? Question 2: What's it made of? Question 3: Who made it?


Monday, March 27, 2006

Spring Scream starts this week

Spring Scream will run 3/31 to 4/9. Millions of bands set to play. Here's the schedule.


Wade Boggs goes back in time to help Dan Marino win a super bowl. Part I only so I'm gonna be lookin for the next installment. I cracked a rib laughing at this. An absolute must see for sports fans. I think D-Wayne should show it on the big screen at Fubar.

Link NSFW (language) unless you're Red A.

World Cup Of ???/?????

The World Cup of Soccer is just around the corner, and anticpation is building. The English team has decided to resort to drastic measures, bringing in ringers and implementing new techniques to distract the other teams players,.. Im not liking North Americas chances!!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

No Parking

The doorman of my doorstep KTV decided to inform the driver of the blue truck not to park in front of part of his shop. On my way to 711, I heard glass breaking but saw nothing. On my return I heard a hissing sound, but didn't really wonder why. 30 minutes later the truck driver returns screaming 'the things about someones mother'. The driver calls the cops. More shouting. More shouting. Doorman runs down the street screaming "Wo gung ni sue!!" (maybe I'll pay for the damage). So far it is three flat tires and a broken mirror. Cops leave and shop closes... One hour later shop re-opens. Doorman picks up fire extinguisher covers truck in white dust, jumps up and down on truck roof then smashes windshield with fire extinguisher.
Why wouldn't he just call someone to tow the truck? Oh yeah it wasn't parked illegally. The truck driver needed a lesson. The doorman was bored and enjoys screaming like a girl. the doorman thought it would be good for business to lose his mind. The doorman thinks he is a parking attendant.

Clearing house

I was thinking I should get rid of this table with six matching chairs.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Don't have a cow, man!

***You Are Bart Simpson***

Very misunderstood, most people just dismiss you as "trouble."

Little do they know that you're wise and well accomplished beyond your years.

You will be remembered for: starring in your own TV show and saving the town from a comet

Your life philosophy: "I don't know why I did it, I don't know why I enjoyed it, and I don't know why I'll do it again!"

The Simpsons Personality Test

Fantasy Baseball

Come one, Come all! To the first Taichung National League baseball fantasy draft.

Location: FUBAR

Time: Wednesday 9:00pm.

Teams will draft players from the National League only to prove once again that Americans aren't the only kings of baseball.

Head to Head league.

Japanese welcome.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Where could it be?

Well, I thought the last post was amusing. I guess others don't follow my enthusiasm for an absurdly named product. The location is your local blockbuster.

So, who is this? And where is he located?

Test Run For Frenchie!!!

Yes folks, the much anticipated addition of the computer illiterate bastard Frenchie has become a reality!! Unfortunately, the password for my Frenchie nickname seems to have escaped me.. I am using this name and this post as a test run , to see if both it and myself can function in the blogger world.. So , here goes nothing, my next test will be attempting to add pictures and what not... Anyhoo enough jabber lets give it a shot....

Friday Afternoon Test Results

You Are Barney

You could have been an intellectual leader...

Instead, your whole life is an homage to beer

You will be remembered for: your beautiful singing voice and your burps

Your life philosophy: "There's nothing like beer to give you that inflated sense of self-esteem."

Watoto Children's Choir

Watoto is Swahili for " the children." Recently, my wife and I viewed a DVD that was loaned to us by our church introducing the Watoto Ministries, as well as plenty of wonderful, uplifting concert footage. The choir is made up of Ugandan orphans, mostly orphaned due to AIDS and civil war. Established in 1992 by Canadian missionaries, the ministry now cares for 1,300 orphans. Please click on the title link for more information. The good news is that they are coming to Taichung. Their website just lists April 6-26 as the dates for Taiwan. However, the dates listed in the media package are different. The following is my translation and all errors are mine. If you work at any of the places listed, ask around and help to confirm these dates. After viewing the DVD, we knew we would be going to see them. My wife is even pushing to go on a mission trip to Uganda in September. While most can't do the mission trip, the concerts are free, so you have no excuse not to go.

4/29 - Chong You Dept. Store,B1 : Open to all media, maybe to public also
4/30 - Wu Chuan Jr. High Assembly Hall: Open to public
4/30 - Radio broadcast on FM 97.7
5/03 - Shin Ming High School Art Hall? : Open to public
5/04 - Bei Tun Elementary Assembly Hall : Open to all staff, student and parents
5/05 - Ming Dao Jr. High Assembly Hall : Open to all staff, students and parents
5/06 - Shin Ming High School Art Hall: Not sure on this. Need a little help PIMP.
5/07 - Taichung World Trade Center: Open to public
5/07 - Chong San Auditorium : Open to public

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Frenchie 3:16 - "I'll kick your ass!"

Frenchie - at left indicating the number of letters in his favorite words - has just signed on with Ni Howdy's American contingent to battle the staggering unproductive First Tundras contributors ( Skandar Kevlar, Theodore "PIMP" Long, Rye Superhigh Snuka and D-Wayne "The Hammered" Valentine). Sagging ratings forced Ni Howdy into the battle to land the crafty drink veteran, beating out rival organizations such as and

Where could it be?

The segment continues......
Well done IJ, your guess is correct.

I'll up the ante a little and make the next pic a bit more difficult.

Where is this fine product sold?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Where could it be?

Congrats IJ. The Previous photo was taken at Yeliu North East of Taipei. If you haven't been there, it's a must see on a beautiful day. "Cleopatra" is the (xiao ming) nick name of the rock moulded by the elements.

So, I make the challenge to another of our thousand readers to answer this photo challenge. Not who is in the picture, but, where was it taken and why is it famous?

Where am I? Texas or Iran?

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission sent a message to bar patrons last week.

TABC agents and Irving police swept through 36 Irving bars and arrested about 30 people on charges of public intoxication. Agency representatives say the move came as a proactive measure to curtail drunken driving.

North Texans interviewed by NBC 5, however, worried that the sweep went too far.

At one location, for example, agents and police arrested patrons of a hotel bar. Some of the suspects said they were registered at the hotel and had no intention of driving. Arresting authorities said the patrons were a danger to themselves and others.

"Going to a bar is not an opportunity to go get drunk," TABC Capt. David Alexander said. "It's to have a good time but not to get drunk."

Dallas comedian Steve Harvey agreed with the Texas residents who said the arrests infringed on individual rights.

"If a guy's got a designated driver, go ahead and let him get toasted," Harvey told NBC 5.

Texas law states that inebriated individuals could be subjected to arrest anywhere for public intoxication. Harvey and other North Texans called the measure extreme.

"That seems to be an extreme case," one man said. "You are self-contained, in the hotel, you're not going in the streets, it seems a little ridiculous."

TABC officials said the sweep concerned saving lives, not individual rights. Harvey and others interviewed by NBC 5 said they believe drunken driving to be unacceptable, although Harvey wanted to confirm that the United States remains a free country.

"Freedom of drinking should always be allowed, and it is only American to let a guy get drunk where he wants to get drunk," Harvey said.

I'd rather live in Canada than the Islamic Republic of Texas.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Where could it be?

I originally wanted to make this post more appealing by posting multiple pictures. But as I'm downloading season 2 of LOST, it appears I'm unable to do this.
Anyways, to make up for my lack of posts, I'll try to post a picture everyday for the next week or so. The objective.....for any of the readers to make guess at where the picture was taken. All pictures are in Taiwan, so I'm looking for a more detailed guess.

Women not Doable in a pinch

The girl on the left of Aaron's post.
Big Tall Gay Karl's Mama
Blonde's named Julie
Ballerina's named Heather
Those that weigh more than me
Those that weigh less than Ivo
Friend's significant others
Mary Tyler Moore
Stereotypical Dykes
One's with unidentified diseases (identifiable diseases are okay)

As you can see, Ponce, I have a very discerning palate when it comes to females. I am kind of like a gormet, picking and choosing until I find the exact delicacy to stem my appetite.

Monday, March 20, 2006

If I were a complete asshole...

Dear Mandy,

Hey, what's up? I was browsing through the Yahoo! Personal ads and found your ad.

You seem like a pretty cool and laid back chick. I like that you're open-minded and adventurous. So, I was thinking, you call up your hot friend in the photo and we get together for a little threesome. You know, a little 3-P?

Oh, yeah, and I guess your fat friend could watch.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pub crawl Greg speech '03

Watch the video
Drunken speeches don't have to make sense. Do they? Any-who one guy got drunk and gave a motival speech. Oddly enough he didn't make a bet. Miss you Sir Greg. Feel free to send me a Codswallop speech.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

K.R.A.S.H. (Kevlar Rye And Some Helicopter)

Watch the video
A few years ago Kevlar and I went for a leisurely motorcycle ride in the mountains of Taichung County. We came across a huge field complete with choppers, kids, kites, stray dogs and a baseball game. I figured it would be a perfect setting for my mash rip off video...

Canuck Piracy

I'm a little surprised Red A hasn't discovered this yet. Canada has the highest per capita online piracy rate in the world!

Insert jokes in comment box.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Vegetarian Beer

Mix your favorite bar nuts.
ex: peanuts, pistachio...

Open a can of vegetarian beer (ex: not this) and fill a small cup with bourbon and an equal amount of water in another cup (to give to the Canadianer next to you).

Use fingers to grasp shot glass and place in beer.
Pour in mouth and serve (yourself another).

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Lookee over here! That's 100% fresh- ground chile powder. Not the out-of-date mix of chile powder and other spices sneaking its way into your cupboard as chile powder. That is chili powder - used for making the dish chili. Chile (with an e) powder is pure. Nothing else is added. The cayennes pictured can be bought at Carrefour for about $100NT for a 250 gram bag. To retain maximum flavor and color, prepare it just before needed. Throw the chiles into a blender or processor ( just about anything that spins and cuts) and grind to your desired consistency. Removing the seeds will lessen the heat and richen the color a bit. I leave them in.

Suggested uses:

  • Almost any Mexican dish
  • Chili
  • Chile smoothies
  • Basting and finishing sauces for the grill
  • Additive in personal lubricants for those who put beans and tomatoes in chili

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

beans, beans , beans

Due to the recent attention given to vegetarian cooking, here's a link to some more recipes using beans. Man, I love beans. Beans are cool. BEANS!

*****Breaking News*****

Martha Stewart threatening to sue Nihowdy! Has threatened litigation if we don't stop posting her pasta recipes without linking to her blog. Ditto for chicken and beef. Personaly I think she is just pissed because we are getting more hits from 60 year old women than she is.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Vegetarian Spaghetti

Saute your favorite diced vegetables
ex: Onions, garlic, green peppers

Add a jar of vegetarian spaghetti sauce and
a small can of tomato paste with an
equal amount of water.

Add three table spoons of sugar
Simmer on low flame for about ten minutes
Add your favorite cheese ( half cup diced)

Boil about one third box of spaghetti per person
cook for about ten minutess
Use fingers to pinch cooked spaghetti or
just taste to see if it is cooked.

Drain spaghetti noodles
Pour in sauce and serve

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Now serving number...

That was the number of my DaChan chicken. They claim to be the only poultry producer in Taiwan to give each chicken an ID number and monitor everything about it until it reaches the store shelves. They promise a great tasting, juicy bird so on Saturday I gave it a shot. Available at Sinon, Carrefour and probably other places as well, the bird comes sealed in plastic on a styrofoam pan with a saran-wrap overlay. Good. It won't spill onto my bread and veggies.

This time I wanted something tasty, of course, and quick. Roasting is a easy way to do this. The recipe is very simple with ample room for you to add your signature touches without screwing it up too much. Melt butter and add fresh ( if possible ) chopped rosemary, thyme, and oregano. Because our new rosemary bush wouldn't survive a culling, I substituted basil. Salt, pepper and some paprika for taste and color round out the ingredients. Coat the bird liberally with the mixture and let sit while your fire, or oven heats up. I also put several spoonfuls in the cavity and rub it in well. Lastly, cook it. Cook at 385-400F / 190-200C and do not baste. If your temp is correct and you don't baste again, you will have a deliciously crispy skin. Depending on the size it should take anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour. You know it's ready when it reaches about 180F / 82C. A couple of caveats. The amounts listed below are for a medium size chicken (sorry, the labeling didn't include weight). The amount of herbs used should enhance the taste and accent the color. Don't use too much, you're eating chicken, not the Swamp Thing. Lastly, when barbecuing chicken, the skin is removed to let all the meat soak up the smoke flavor. When roasting, the skin is left on. It is the part the absorbs the smoke and seasonings. Therefore, when serving, use a good Chinese cleaver to cut bits that include both skin and meat. Wonderful taste with a great contrast of textures between the skin and meat. Because it's so crispy, you need to be careful when handling the bird or you'll tear the skin like I did.

  • Butter - about 1/4 a cup or 50grams
  • Rosemary, Thyme and Oregano - 1 1/2 Tbs to 2 Tbs each
  • Paprika - 2 tsp
  • Salt and pepper - to taste.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Dominos Marketing Meeting 2006/04/01

CEO, Dominos: So, guys, any ideas for new pizza concepts?

VP Marketing: Well, ever since our cream cheese layered pizza idea flopped, we've been losing the pizza wars here in Taiwan. But, I think we have some exciting new concepts for you, sir: Imagine something we call "Birdseye Pizza" This is a pizza with not only corn and peas, but CARROTS, too! Very low cost, but conforming to Chinese culinary thinking about "Color, Smell, Taste." Well, not taste so much, but we really nailed color with those bright orange cubes.

CEO, Dominos: Uhhhh, kind of interesting, but we're looking for a real hit here. Those Pizza Hut guys are killing us with that German sausage in the crust pizza! Check out their ad!

VP Marketing: Hmmm, yeah, that is a pretty damn killer pizza. I didn't think it was possible to fit more processed pork onto a pizza. Amazing!

CEO, Dominos: How about a pizza that, you know, gives the consumer some face?

VP Marketing: We tried seafood before, but do you think a reprise of shrimp and crab will do the trick? Pizza Hut has a friggin' sausage hidden in the crust!

CEO, Dominos: I don't mean some low-end shrimp tails and lobster heads thrown onto a pie crust...I'm talking major know...Rolex face or Eastern European mistress face!

VP Marketing: Hmmmm, how about we make the Perfect Taiwanese & Chinese Pizza?* Maybe like this?
The Perfect Taiwanese and Chinese Pizza:
Glutinous Rice Dough
XO Sauce
Abalone Strips
Shark Fin bits
Birds Nest
Bear Paw
frozen Corn & Peas (very important to use FROZEN, NOT FRESH.)
18k Gold flakes sprinkled on top
and of course, a Canadian Seal Penis wrapped inside the crust!

MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm! I can feel myself gaining face thinking about it!

*adapted from David Alan Coe, The Perfect Country & Western Song....

200% PIMP

As you can see above, the comment was posted 66 minutes ago, or about 1 minute after I uploaded it. PIMP's got a fan.

The New Rankings Are Out!

As has been our tradition since the early '90s, we once again present the rankings for the best English-language newspapers in Taiwan.

Best sports section with complete TV schedules, local and international. They also provide standings for all we could hope for and some we could hope not for. Best bilingual section with words and terms from the actual stories. The crossword is more like a primer for Trivial Pursuit - Fetus Edition. Opinion page is the opposite of The News. If you've read one, don't bother reading the other - just imagine the exact opposite. The Post's forte is local news. Read anything headlined The China Post staff. Today's confusing allegory concerns an admiral and politician who don't see eye-to-eye about flying bomb things. But that's okay, because our fabulist is right there to clear things up for us with printed asides such as That's no answer and What he meant to say was: No can do. The concluding And the rare badinage came to and end with nobody losing face left me happy and relieved, wanting to ask for just one more story. Please!

Decent sports section, also inclusive of local sports but lacking listings of local stations' sports broadcasts. Sometimes will provide limited standings. They too have a good bilingual section, though they don't offer as much as The Post. Easily the best crossword. I've actually been forced to think while doing it. They have two opinion pages. One in English, one in Chinese and neither talk about the same thing. Local news tends to be national news with fewer What are the Changs up to? stories like The Post. However, they did alert us to the fact that the Formosan landlocked (nearly dead) salmon got fifth place in an online poll to decide which images best represent the country (puppetry was number 1, but you knew that).

" Yer sure purty, but what are ya good fer?" pretty much sums up The Times. A newly revised broke-ass bilingual section fills a lot a space - as well as my charcoal starter. The crossword is popular because people can then say I did The Times crossword this morning in 3 minutes while defibrillating myself. Taiwan-related editorials tend to be Pan-Green. International-related ones tend to be Pan-Blue. Judgement.....Pan-Suck. They are unaware that Taiwan has ah, ummm, "professional" leagues for the two most popular sports in the country: baseball and basketball. They also wrongly assume that the country watches reenactments of games from traveling troupes of sports bards because they sure as hell won't tell us who's going to play or on what channel. The most interesting part of the paper is the business section, which I think, is the best of the three. There. The Times doesn't completely suck. They just suc.

Frenchie's Birthday

Is that one Frenchie on his special day in his special suit? You are not forgotten, and if our totalitarian leader J-Hole won't let you on the blog, then I will find out how to do so myself. Happy Birthday Gregor, this photo is for you. Some advice in regards to the baseball league: 1)Ignore Lance's advice 2) Don't draft Aramis Ramirez. 3) Try not to load up on Royals or Pirates. 4) Ignore Lance.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Taiwan's Foreigner Friendly Government

So, I went in to get my new IC ATM card, and they told me some new rules are in effect for us foreigners:

If you have less than a year left on your ARC, you cannot use your Taiwan ATM card to make withdrawls outside of Taiwan.

Personally, I really appreciate Taiwan's government deciding when I can and cannot withdraw my own money.

Consider a young Canadianer who has been in Taiwan for 11 months out of a 1 year contract and has to return to Canada for a family emergency...I hope she remembers to cash out her account before she leaves!

I am also touched that they thoughfully change these rules at whim without consulting anyone in the foreign community. I can only imagine what will next, so I think I will be moving any spare cash I have out of this country.

Musical Interlude

Ali Farke Toure passed on today. Tonight, kick back and enjoy some truly great tunes from the heart of Africa. Some may choose something a bit herbal to enhance the experience (I think there is a blogger who answers to Stoney somewhere out there), or some may choose to kick back with an ice cold Tiger. As for me, I listened on the beaches of southern Spain this afternoon with a nice pinkish Seabreeze (that's vodka, cranberry AND grapefruit to you Kevlar).

Rough Day, as we lost Kirby Puckett (he of the wife beating antics) as well. May have to log on to MLB to see if they have Game Six of the 1991 Series archived.

Chainsaw Chuck

Watch the video
The boys in the great Yellow horse fill time. This video was done on a Mac and requires quicktime to view. It might also be really slow to download.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More on the Chinese Penis Restaurant

Another article with pics.

One more pic.

Uhhh, safe for work, but maybe not for your appetite.

Yellow Fever Video

Link Here

It's from my alma mater UCSD, and I'm glad to see that they aren't just making porn there anymore.

If you like the "Bai Ren Kan Bu Dong" T-Shirt, you can order it here. Any takers? We could get a big shipment all at once.

Even though Big Gay Lance sabotaged D-Wayne's computer at FuBar, there are still plenty of WBC games available to view on his dish - if he can ever go online and check the schedule. Here's the schedule for March 8th. Wow! Canada vs. South Africa. Ban Commander Cardy for that day or he will lecture us again about how cricket is superior to baseball and that it is also a faster moving game. All the games have an English sub-channel that you can hear if D-Wayne can remember which button it is.

Oh, yeah. He also has plenty of Super 14 rugby ( though I think most matches are several days late) and soccer (UEFA) Champions League - live with repeats. GOD! Please let March Madness start today!

Ang Lee wins! Yippie! I didn't see it but Kristin Carroll did. Carroll a U.S. citizen who says she was amazed by Brokeback Mountain and the feelings it captured, was surprised to learn that Lee hadn't grown up in the U.S.
"How can he understand so much about cowboys and American culture, then?" she asked.

I don't know. Maybe it was because he wore a cowboy hat a lot when filming. Or maybe he took a time machine to the past like William Wyler did to learn about Romans, Jews and Jerusalem for Ben-Hur.

For the two minutes I did see, I was amazed that Will Ferrell and Steve Carrel could be paired together and produce no laughs. Also, Dolly Parton - Boobsicle!

Hong Kong

I had a nice trip considering it was basically worthless business-wise.

Suggested things to do in Hong Kong:

See Salif Keita live.

See The Bastards at the Wanch. (Amazing to wander into a bar where a bunch of old ex-pats are playing a good cover of Ace of Spades to an audience of people in suits.)

Eat a Pig Knuckle with German style potatoes at Schnurrbart - along with some Maisel's to wash all the heart-attack food down.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Attention Baseball Fans!

Aside from the excitement of the WBC, Lance and I will be trying to organize a Fantasy Baseball League. As the baseball season quickly approaches, IF you are interested, leave your name under comments. We currently have about 5 interested, looking for 5 -7 more. Those living away are welcome to play. The last Thursday of March is the potential draft date. NEED PLAYERS.
P.S. Ryeguy, now is your time!

Friday, March 03, 2006

World Baseball Classic

I'm heading over to PJ's to catch Taiwan play South Korea in the inaugural game of the WBC. PJ returned Wednesday night and has to be open this morning. What else is he going to do? D-Wayne at FuBar has the ESPN baseball package and they are including ALL WBC games. He has connected his computer to all 3 or 4 TVs, so games can be viewed from anywhere. He also will soon have a big screen projection TV and Slingbox, which will provide all sports programs and TV shows his family gets in Canada to us in Taiwan. However, D-Wayne is not at the bar yet, so it's off to PJ's. Drop by if your free. D-Wayne will be showing a replay this evening.