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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Antigonish Bashing

Check out the ads on this web-site for Antigonish Criminal Lawyers:

"Living in Mexico"

"Teach English in Taiwan" (Korea, Japan, Mexico, U.A.E. etc.)

"" (to send back home to the missus while you're in hiding in Bangor.)

Sounds like the smart criminals in Canada save the legal fees and flee the country for warmer climes. So, "Kevlar" and "P.I.M.P." if these are your real names, what are you running from?

From my limited google searches, it seems most likely they are on the lam from several commercial fraud cases.

Did you really think you could sell "Organic Christmas Trees" and "Free Range Cod" to the public and not get caught? I am just sickened.

Update: "Rye" and "D-Wayne" apparently only thought they were wanted men and fled pre-emptively after setting of firework on the St. Lawrence.

Chinese Communist Super-Hero

Here's one of the concept comic book characters planned. Brought to you by American capitalism!

Of course, the actual Chinese communists had their own "super hero" Lei Feng, who was sort of a Joe Sixpack of the Red Army. They made whole campaigns revolving around this guy under the rubric of "Learn from Comrade Lei Feng" (向雷锋同志学习)

Though, just how much can you learn from a guy who "died in 1962 at the age of 22, when a telephone pole, struck by an army truck, killed him, when he was directing the truck in backing up."

Here are a bunch of propaganda posters showing Lei Feng. Hmmmm, the Socialist Red Guardsman "Gu Lao" looks much cooler. I wonder if they will have more characters (too lazy to register with the New York Times) but I can imagine another character they will create:

LaoGai - a former dissedent who has been re-educated so well that his mind can telepathically inspire socialist thinking in others.

Oh, I almost forgot: DC comics is also creating a Lesbian Batwoman character. (note: links to political blog - may not be safe for all viewers.)

Now, in the comments: create your own Taiwanese superheroes and explain their power, how they got it, etc. (Bread, you can make up a Montana or Basque character...snicker.)

A chess game with several players

Carl could pick one up. Bread could play. They both could invite some friends. Multi-chess has so many players and a community chest, to field questions from.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Taiwan Welfare Lotto

After months of seperating receipts it was time to collect. Oh yeah Baby!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

business card Scan

Lets see what embedded video looks like.

I just never grow tired of hearing nonsense.


Watch the video

This is Chicken Rice at Spring Scream Monkey back in '04. I remember my brother was here visiting. We took the bus down from Chao Ma and on the bus was this guy from CR. I think his name is Allen Billy. In '05 he had a monster beard. Didn't see them around this year. Taiwanese rockabilly at its best!

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Timmy! Get Your Guns, uh, Hands Up!

Sports fans are no doubt aware of Timmy Smith's most recent troubles. Well, I don't think I saw this coming but sure did have doubts about his future after me and some friends witnessed Timmy in action one night at a local bar. First, a little background. Smith grew up in Hobbs, NM and went to college at Texas Tech. He went on to play for the Redskins, and after minimal production in the regular season, ran for 204 yards in the Skins' Super Bowl win. Prior to this cocaine bust, Timmy had been having child support problems. At one point he fled back to Hobbs to avoid being arrested for non-payment. Which brings me to his stupid little stunt at a place called the Lone Star Oyster Bar. It was one or two weeks after the Super Bowl on a Friday or Saturday night out at the bar when Timmy walked in. Cheering, yelling and sloshing of beer. Timmy's king here. Everyone's congratulating him and he's loving it. The O Bar is a small, narrow place with a counter for beer and shrimp and oysters. Timmy is holding court at the counter waiting for his drink. The bartender turns his back to pour and Timmy pulls out a move he withheld from the Super Bowl. He looks slyly to the left and right. Good. No one's looking. But everybody is looking. He's our local hero in a shoebox bar jammed tight with a lot of glad-handers. It's impossible not to see him. Especially when he then belly flops onto the counter ( not the tallest guy) and reaches over and down. Head pops up with a big smile and he slides back down to a standing position while stuffing his pockets full of boiled shrimp he just snatched. We all saw it except the bartender. Silence. The silence of bewilderment and despair. We no longer had a hero and went into overdrive convincing ourselves that Billie Joe Tolliver was a great quarterback, even if he would blast a receiver's hands off at 60 yards but always bounce pass a 7 yard screen. And much beer was drunk.

Tassy says: " Today's Chinese is - hellfire missile. 獄 火 飛 彈 (yu4 hwo3 fei1 dan4). Ask for it by name."

Friday, May 26, 2006

Crushing Dissent

Frankly, I'd suggest moving the event to Antigonish. The Irish fans would be happy and there are no multi-million dollar homes to worry about. Unless you count the McCain Fish Guttery & Potato Sacking Plant as a "home."

Is it really true there are only apartments and trailers in Antigonish?

Happy Independence Day Georgia

Things that scare me:

  1. Kate Blanchett, Richard Gere and others playing Bob Dylan during different phases of his life in a new movie.
  2. If you add some stubble and Charles Nelson Reilly glasses to this guy you get that savior guy from U2.
  3. I might witness a suicide (Lawrence) or be part of a homicide (PJ) if PJ sticks to his All Irish Music All The Time policy at Meat and Mash.
  4. Tom Cruise singing Free Falling in Jerry Maguire.
  5. Asshole ex-State Department officials weighing-in with their better-be-nice-to-China warnings.
  6. Projectile catheterization.

Time to close The Biggest Ass poll. While it was very close, I still managed to eke out a victory with 45 votes (counting the comment section). Kevlar, you can give your clicking finger a rest now.

Today's Chinese: 試管嬰兒 (shi4 guan3 ying1 er2) ; test tube baby

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hydro-dynamics and small apartments

After a difficult installation, I caught my breathe and went for a dip.


I have to take my physical for a permanent ARC tomorrow. Haven't had to do one in years.

So, RYE, how again do I handle the stool sample?

If I recall correctly, you had the best technique...or was it J-Hole?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Antigonish goes bilingual

Yes, in a move sure to booster multicultralism, the hometown of one of our bloggers has added Gaelic to the local street signs. Now personally I thought all of Canada was already bilingual, thus making Antigonish tri-lingual, but apparently there aren't enough Acadians to merit French street signs. Personally, I hope that the Gaelic implementation is the work of the now unarmed IRA and Canada will soon throw off the final vestiges of the monarchy, but perhaps I am reaching too far. All I know is that when I visit Kevlar in Nova Scotia, he better be able to transliterate that Gaelic alphabet for me.

It seems a good practice to have multilingual street signs, especially since the Senate of the United States has recently passed a rider on the immigration bill demanding immigrants learn English (and thus abolishing a longstanding tradition in the USA of not having an official language). Perhaps when Sandy relocates to Woodstock, NB they will implement street signs which spell the town centre correctly.


Wade Boggs went back in time to help Dan Marino win a superbowl in Episode I...

I've been searching for Episode II since....

Here's a TEASER!!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Damn you Fisher-Price

These toys are just too expensive. But I am now in the buy my kid a new toy business. It is a cool toy. This little thing costs about 800 nt. It jiggles, wiggles and sings and it is cute... but 800 nt ?? Bend over Fisher-Price coming thru!

Batting practice and the 7610

Watch the video
I used the Nokia 7610 to make a short one minute video of my friend hitting some baseballs. one mega pixel is not enough!


I was at the Fubar on Saturday afternoon watching the rugby game when I heard the following conversation.

A: What did you think of The DaVinci Code?
B: Ah, not too good.
A: I agree, I'm not sure if I know anybody that liked it.
C: I heard DeShea liked it......but she's not hard to please is she?

True story.

Canadians are International Hobbits

"What is occurring in Canadian minds is something they're not quite familiar with. Canada in a way has slept-walked through much of the past 50 years. It's one of the charms of Canadians, that you can think of them as being Hobbits on the international scene," Professor Ferris says.


Malv to Karl: "Damn, I got some of your poo goo on my pole!"

Okay, I didn't actually overhear that, but after Karl posted that little Russian name generator, am I totally out of line in imagining that as a possibility?


Here's another Les Arthur production on YouTube - Atash - an Austin band. I think it was shot at John Kuhel's in-laws' place in Nantou County. Enjoy!

How to Stuff a Wild Bikini or Buddhists Monks Get Cocky

Miss Bikini World 2006 is coming to Taiwan. Pictured at left is the 2005 winner, Christiane Biazioli of Brazil and two of her sponsors from Spalding NBA. According to the site the contestants will be arriving August 14th and the finals will be held on the 26th. Initial reports in both the Chinese and English papers have put one of the venues as being in Puli, which is in central Taiwan and about an hour away from Taichung by scooter. However, the reports were a little premature because of difficulty of getting a firm commitment from the desired location's tenants - the Chung Tai Chan Buddhist Monastery. Nantou County commissioner, Lee Chao Ching, suggested an alternative - hold the bikini portion at nearby Sun Moon Lake and let the Monastery host a more appropriate segment, like Apres Beach or Business and Finance.

A day or two later, Master WeiJue of the monastery ( substantiated only by a newspaper clipping Mr. Bean showed me briefly), basically said, "Bring it on! Buddhist values of non-attachment of repudiation of desire are more than strong enough to combat a non-stop, full-body assault of the glorification of glistening, sensual, saffron-scented, fully-developed vixens that couldn't even make one robe out of all their bikinis put together. You! Boy! Green tea immediately. And make it cold."

While waiting for verification of the actual dates and venues, I would like to encourage Taichung area residents to go here and wax poetic - or better yet, persuasive. Again, as always, all errors in content or translation are solely the responsibility of The China Post.

Monday, May 22, 2006


Thanks to everyone who wrote in about ROCKETGIRL. Here's a link to their bio.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Stroller Cam

Using a wide angel lense and interval recording of 2 seconds ever minute. The results were awesome to watch. The narrow streets and shady park trees were excellent. Constant changing backgrounds and child facial expressions great. My Mom is going to love this short action vid.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Imovie Lance party

Watch the video
Second attempt at getting file format to play nice.

What "Merry" men do when women are not watching.

Watch the video
An attempt at moving voices to get a few laughs. Blog friends might get a laugh, but not a comment. GO RED RIDERS!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Me Again

I hate to post more stuff, but what the hell, it's Friday.

Anyone looking for tips on what to say to Taiwanese cops when asked how long you have been in Taiwan, look no further. Actually, sounds like Frenchie, non?

Also from the same site. Why don't I doubt this is a Chico State student?

Question: Is this Saturday the food festival? Where is it at? Let me know in comments so I can attend and be loud and ostentatious.

Week-End Project for our Video Freaks

Here's the latest think sweeping the internet.

You can make and sub-title your own Bollywood movie.

Have at it, folks.

North Korea Pics

I'm fascinated by North Korea and here are some pics from a Russian guy:


Update: Part 5

I understand they are mainly from the showcase city Pyongyang. Check out the subway and compare to Taipei's MRT.

Any comments from our blog's Korean expers would be most welcome.

Check out Les Arthur's STREETPONG starring John Cool and Uncle at YouTube. Funny!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The locals are quite friendly

Ponce, eat your heart out.

A New Pilot Feature

From the creator of Friday Yahoo Personal Ads blogging...comes



The word Narcissism springs to mind...and yet, if she just stopped plucking and elongating her eyebrows she might just be pretty hot.

Oh, yeah - hot or not? Answer in comments please.

Bonus: does she come complete with tramp stamp? Any guesses?

Geography Quiz

What's missing from this map?

Here's some commentary on the issue.

Also, is anybody wondering why we don't get any photos from Espana? We have been paying our correspondent's salary there (via a few years of poker losses) and he can't even figure out how to upload some pics for us? Let me speak for Captain Beer and request shots of hot chicks eating flan.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Man, I wish I was Dou Wei

Just when you thought it was safe to park your Toyota in front of your office, some aged rock star comes along with a can of petrol and a match. If Chinese literate, read the stories, if not (like me), just laugh and be grateful you were not at the receiving end of the tirade -- it was a reporter who had written several negative things about the singer. Personally I think Taiwan should condone this sort of behaviour to prevent freako's (like Grace Chen) from threatening libel at every turn. If somebody pisses you off, torch their car. If you aren't pissed off enough to torch their car, then you probably aren't hurt enough to deserve money from the negative comments.


Burger King definitely has the best burgers of any major chain (never been to a White Castle, but Lubbock did use to have a White Pig that was dang good). Now they have the Texas Double Whopper. Of course I doubt they're as good as what the little greasy spoons serve up...

but I can guarantee that within a day or two of my arrival back in the Hub City I will be slammin one or two. Anyone who has recently been to or is fixing to go to CKS airport let know if it's on their menu so I can begin stretching my stomach accordingly. Click on the post title, watch and sing along.


Watch the video

Balls to the wall sound masters ROCKETGIRL are not currently playing anymore. Perhaps one day they'll rise again like a dragon from a cave to spread their special brand of mayhem.

All video taken from the Spring Scream Monkey Show, 2004...

Monday, May 15, 2006


I wrote this for Senior II kids at Wei Dao. I was just prepping the cheat sheet for teachers when it struck me, I'll just post the damn thing! Let's see how yall do.

A palindrome is a word or phrase that reads the same both backward & forward.

Find the palindromes.

It’s the new semester and Bob is helping his friend Amy Ma move into
her new apartment. Bob is very tired because he was playing poker until early that morning.

Amy Ma: Wow! Thanks for helping me Bob! I know you’re really tired.

Bob: No problem Amy, it gave me a chance to try out my new racecar. It was designed by NASA engineers!

Amy: You bought a new car! What a coincidence! Dee’s brother just got a new car too! She says it’s as fast as the wind!

Bob: Mine too. That’s why I’ve got police radar installed. Is Dee coming to help us?

Amy: No, she can’t. Dee saw a seed in her garden that she had never seen before. Maybe she’ll come by later when we’ve finished.

Bob: Where’s your brother, Peel?

Amy: Peel’s asleep. He was playing poker last night too.

Bob: Oh, that’s right. What about Delia? What happened to her?

Amy: Bad news. Delia failed out of school. She bought a kayak and moved to the coast.

Bob: That’s too bad.

Amy: Oh! And good news! My Dad won the lottery! He retired from refereeing!

Bob: He did, eh? He should have hired some moving men for you.

Amy: Oh, Bob! He’s paying for this apartment! See, referees take care of their daughters.

Bob: Well, let’s get started. What floor are you on?

Amy: The fifth. (Bob groans)

(Bob looks down and sees twenty boxes of books on the sidewalk)

Bob: And I suppose there’s no elevator….You have as many books as a library!

Amy: Well, I am a student.

Bob: Hey! I know that book!

(Amy looks down and sees the title of the book Bob is pointing at.)

Amy: “A Man, A Plan, A Canal: Panama.”

Bob: I read it last year. It’s not bad. Heh, heh! Maybe Delia should paddle her kayak through the canal!

(Bob crouches down to pick up the first box. It’s really heavy.)

Amy: Pull up, Bob, pull up!

Bob: Help me!

Amy: OK, let’s do it together. Pull up if I pull up!

(They both lift together. The box won’t move.)

Bob: It’s hopeless! Hey, what’s this sign say?

Amy: “Step on no pets”.

Bob: They allow pets in this building? That explains the smell.

(Just then a handsome Spaniard approaches snacking on a bag of nuts. He looks at Amy Ma and says…)

Stranger: Madam, I’m Adam. Can I give you a hand? Boy, you have a lot of tuna! I’ll trade you a nut for a jar of tuna!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Location Change

Needed some mountains, so I have now moved up north to Bosque country. Living outside of Bilbao where the peaks are nice and the beach is in view. Haven´t posted much because I am still not on line very often, but I do have a question: Who the hell is Captain Beer? Jerry? I didn´t know South Africans could write, much less use a computer. Guess his spelling can´t be much worse than Viator´s favorite Canadian.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

From Discovery Channel to Taiwan

I was on my way over to Fubar to help Ryan plan his Mother's Day activities. I saw these people on the sidewalk with their new toy. I wonder if they will become a fad, cluttering up my precious People's Park sidewalk. Two passers-by were overheard " They are so expensive". " Who does it belong to?" Oddly enough I was the only person curious enough to stop and stare, I had never seen one before.
I suppose in the not to distant future some yahoo will be in my scooter lane, feeling cool and looking smart.

So who has the right of way, the bicycle or the guy standing tall on a two wheeled gyroscope thing. I wonder if it has a horn, to persuade pedestrains to get out of the way.

The Seven Deadly Sins and your nationality

1. Pride 2. covetousness 3. lust 4. Anger 5. gluttony 6. envy 7. sloth

Lets say you were American and told people you were Dutch then you would be guilty of which sin...?
Lets say you were South African and told people you were English you would be guilty of which sin..?
Lets say you were Canadian and told people you were Canadian...............?

Besides just throwing rocks and bashing North Americans.....!

Ok. The point of the post. ( Or perhaps this is a pointless post to scratch my curiousity)
First think of some stories you have heard from some of fine ambassadors gracing The TW, and then break a window.

Which nationalities are sterotypically guilty of which sins?

p.s. Hey Mr. anonymous I bet you got something to say.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Jihad TV

Here's a link to a video of a suicide bomber in Afghanistan.

I especially enjoyed the intro number with the missiles stiking the USA and blowing it up. (They liked it too, they show it twice.)

But I have to wonder...what if this mission actually hit Canadian troops in Afghanistan?

Shouldn't they change the intro to show the Maple Leaf flag instead?

Yes, I realize it would be a bit of a pain in the ass for the Al-Qaeda media team, but shouldn't we demand proper fact-checking from all sides?

All sarcasm aside - I hope he only killed himself and is in hell right now.

Friday's Research



The math is indisputable: Texas is closely linked to gays.

More evidence:

The google search term "Gay" is most popular in the latin american countries that border, wish to border, or are border-curious with Texas.

If you Texans dispute this research technique, let's do one more that show's it interpretative power:

Hockey Sex.

BTW, top country searching for sex was Pakistan. Go figure.

I'm taking credit for these and expect royalties.

InterNetional, adj. - Characterized by ubiquity on the Internet ( , Get Smileys Now). Rel. syn: webscendent

Cyberia, n. ( second syllable stress) - barren, non-visited wasteland where deviant, noxious web sites are exiled to ( and others are spawned (Ni Howdy).

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Business card Scan

This is the water company card. It is affordable and friendly. Click on it and you should be able to read it better.

Maybe the draft is a good idea

We need to get these people off the streets somehow:

Inside the United States, "half or fewer of young men and women 18-24 can identify the states of New York or Ohio on a map [50 percent and 43 percent, respectively]," the study said.
But would it be moral to send these young people to Iraq to die, when they don't know where that is either?
In the Middle East, 63 percent could not find Iraq or Saudi Arabia on a map, and 75 percent could not point out Iran or Israel. Forty-four percent couldn't find any one of those four countries.
Better choice would be China:
On the positive side, the study noted, seven in 10 young Americans correctly located China on a map,
In the interest of fairness, one of my employees showed me the superiority of the Taiwanese education system by looking for the Panama Canal around Hudson Bay on a globe. Perhaps he was thinking of the Northwest Passage?

History of Victorian Robots

For your reading enjoyment!

Note to Canadian readers: I know you believe anything on the internet, up to and including 9/11 hoaxes, and that's your God- no, Queen-given right I guess, but really, really, I think it's just a joke. Yeah, I see they have photographs in the articles, but can't those be faked now? I'm not sure if Adobe has had time to translate their Photoshop software into Quebecois yet, but trust me, the technology is there. It's just not sold in Canadian stores yet.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Chokeback Yankees?

Here's an amusing link I came across today. I haven't seen brokeback mountain, but I think this is something Red Socks fans have put together because of their frustrations of Johnny Damon and the Yankees. Enjoy.
Chokeback Yankees . Sorry BigEl.

Austin Amiability

Come on, guys. The conference has been over for days. (Hat tip: Wally)

My Fellow Right-Wing Nutjobs:

Sauntering around the Internet yesterday I saw several posters who were Aghast! Yes! Aghast! that the Texas Rangers wore a one-time-only special jersey that had Los Rangers in place of the normal Rangers.

  • " I'm not watching another game."
  • "Major league baseball (and all professional sports) have become part of the state sponsored "bread and circuses" package that sap our national strength and distract us from taking steps necessary to save our civilization."
  • " What an insult to the Texas Rangers."

Well, I must tell you, my usual comrades-in-thought-control-arms, that I am Nonplussed! Yes! Nonplussed! by your off-target, hyperbolic responses. While mistakenly trying to tether the jerseys to other political events, you ignored the Rangers hat-trick of Cs: Capitalism ( live viewing privileges were not free), Charity ( the jerseys were raffled off) and Cultural-ish-ness ( 3 letters of the alphabet were ingeniously re-arranged to form a word from another language!). Why, if you had your way, we would be one flag short of an amusement park and would wish us bodily harm every time we lisp an order for a cerveza.

Your time would be better spent on the true targets of this cultural influenza - the Irish and Chinese. Every year the Irish hold huge rallies celebrating their drunken, malignant demigod, the leprechaun - who only because of their well-known fear of water have yet to invade our shores. Also yearly, the Chinese incrementally attack the oh so scrutable round-eye with their fireworks and their animal totems. I urge haste. The leprechauns will surely overcome their aversion and I abhor becoming the lickspittle of them or some giant, cloth-covered, H.R. Pufnstuf doll dressed like Liberace. In the meantime, we in Texas will continue to listen toTejano, speak non-lisping, bad Spanish while we talk with our amigos over a cerveza.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The world of baseball....How it changes!

I have to admit. A few years ago when Toronto changed their logo I was pretty upset. I really liked the retro jersey's of old.
The shirt on the left being the new logo.
The jersey on the right (worn by a hero) the old logo. I loved the logo. I loved the maple leaf. I loved the world series patch on the arm. Everything about the old jersey I loved. I used to be pretty bitter about it. If you see me out and about and we chat about baseball. I'll probably bring up the topic. I've had the conversation hundreds of times and most people I've chatted with felt the same way. I don't really know how it happened but it happened. I was pretty disappointed about going to Toronto to watch a game and only having the option of buying the new style of jersey or the new style of hat. The logo just doesn't work for me.

But my friends. All of that has changed. I'm not bitter anymore. Why you ask? Because of this jersey.

Is this for real? In Texas?

I was watching the Yankees - Rangers on Saturday morning and I couldn't believe my eyes. Does that shirt really read "Les Rangers?" I don't speak any Spanish, but I do speak and read French. Is this jersey not written in French?

Perhaps some of my Texan friends can explain it.

Thank you Texas, for ridding me of my anger.

I hope for the love of the game, this is a temporary logo. Maybe for some special "America forgives France" event I'm not aware of.

On a scale of one to cheesy, this takes the cake. Thank god I'm not a Rangers fan!

Which brings an interesting question to mind.
In all of sports, which is the best jersey or logo of all time?
Which is the worst jersey of all time?
I would have to go with the Eagles for the best.
I also think the traditional pin stripes in New York suits the team well. Although I'm not a big Leafs fan I like the jersey and the Jays logo of old is sweet as well.
I'll go with the Canucks jersey of the 80's for the worst followed closely by the France Rangers. The Raptors is pretty ridiculous for Toronto as well.

Je comprens que les Rangers est une equipe avec beaucoup de difficulte.

The Fat Red Neck has a point!

I have always wondered if Charlie Daniels was really the redneck that his songs make him out to be. After reading this message, that he posted a month ago, I am starting to understand that redneck is in his blood. He writes like he talks. Like an uneducated texan from Lubbick. But, he does have a valid point.

Down with the Oil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well , i spent last saturday, with three amigos and headed to detroit for game five against the Oilers.. Sadly, it didnt work out for my beloved wings, always next year I suppose... Here are some pics of the journey... Sorry havent posted in a while just dealing with some things!!!! Rye Guy cheers for the nice comments!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday Night Home Blogging

On my way home I drove past these wacky mobile shrines. I assume it's some sort of religious scam since they had dogs with kerchiefs. As they say in Chinese: TMDSMDS*

*Ta Ma De She Me Dong Hsi

Okay, now if you are into music, you need to try this extremely cool site:


Basically, you input a band or song you like and *poof* it finds other bands that you will probably like. An excellent way to find new music.

Bag Lady

Well, we (Texas Tech) can't beat them in basketball or football, but we can make them whine like little babies at the World Congress of Information Technology, hosted in Austin this first week of May. About 2,100 business, government and academic leaders from 80 countries were given tote bags distributed by the Lubbock Economic Development Alliance with the message "Lubbock Economic Development Alliance - Home of Texas Tech University" on a red and black canvass bag. The LEDA ponied up $15,000 for the sponsorship and the bags were rapidly snapped up. Time for Austin City Manager Toby Futrell to spring into action. Noting that Austin does not have a "strategic reserve" of tote bags, she quickly called in a counter-strike rush order of 2,000 "Austin: Live Music Capital of the World" bags. After all,

"It would be a travesty for people to leave Austin without Austin tote bags," Futrell said. "This silly little thing is one of the most representative pieces people carry back with them, and they are going to carry memories of our city
and a Lubbock tote bag? Nah."

While Futrell distracted conference-goers with Mr. Thunder, she whipped out his buddy, Mr. Lightning - a bold plan to have participants surrender the Lubbock tote bags for the Austin ones - that is, until her Crystal of Tranquility turned black and started sucking life from Chakras 4 through 6, and rescinded the order. With power yet to be fully restored to Chakras 4 (compassion), 5 (language) and 6 (seeing the big picture) she said whoever thought it a good idea to let Lubbock hand out tote bags at a conference in Austin "should have to go spend a week in Lubbock." Crystal-less Gary Lawrence, CEO of the LEDA responded by saying that he will take an Austin tote back home to Lubbock. Participants will now be able to take home an Austin tote, but not from this event. The bags will arrive at noon on Friday - just as it closes down.

Farewell Party

Date: Saturday, June 3
Time: Satur - DAY
Place: FuBar
Notes: Please come and make sure Hannibal Jim takes that damn hat with him.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bought the Hp psc 1410

It was on sale I paid 1200 NT. So my only problem is MS word files.

Flash Mob

Apparently this is some trendy thing where you get a bunch of people to show up at one place all of a sudden. I was thinking NiHowdy could have one, say next Saturday at SoHo Street. Our secret 'thing' will be to all be drinking alcohol.

I can't wait to see the faces of all the indigs when they see a bunch of drunk foreigners arrive at SoHo St.! To quote a recently viewed move, Fuck Yeah!

Hey everyone


Now that was fun. Like watching Hockey on a Friday night.

Go have a drink with Bob

I came across this guy's video blog while thinking about cigarettes. Here it is for anyone who wants to check it out. I just love the title. DRINKING WITH BOB.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Shin Min High school is located on the corner of Chung De rd and Jian Xing rd. You need to follow Jian Xing past Chung De and follow until you reach the second flashing light. Turn right at the flashing light. Keep driving until you see a Family Mart on your left hand side. Park. Go through the main gate. Follow the people to the auditorium.

I won't post my video until after Saturday night. I have a little bit of footage. What is the name of the hosting video site? Blip TV?

Tonight there were mostly Shin Min Night School students in attendence. So it probably wasn't the right evening to attend. I think most of the students enjoyed the show. They were surprisingly attentive, but there were still about a quarter of the students who weren't.

It's probably a good thing Jerry didn't attend as he in on the Shin Min Night School student hit list.

If you do have the time on Saturday night, I really encourage you to try to attend such an event.

Watoto Children's Choir

Tonight, Tuesday May 2nd at 7:30 - Shin Min High School
Saturday Night - 7:30 - Shin Min High School.

The kids are pumped!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Taiwan once again losing to China

Ever had a gay/lesbian homosexual experience?
Country %
China 14
Hong Kong 6
India 6
Indonesia 8
Japan 4
Malaysia 10
Singapore 11
Taiwan 5
Vietnam 7
Source: Durex Global Sex Survey 2005, results for Asian countries

Ganked from this blog.

Watoto Reminder

Sunday last, my wife Petra, Jerry and I went to the Watoto concert at Wu Chuan Jr. High. It's hard to express properly for what reasons and how much I enjoyed it - the two being intertwined. I enjoyed it. Petra enjoyed it. Commander Cardy enjoyed it (How often have you seen him shaking his booty?). There are still opportunities to see them. While I have the schedule, I don't have the times. Maybe some - read PIMP - can help out. My wife suggests the Shin Ming date, Wednesday, May 3rd as the best because of the acoustics. Set a time and grab some friends and go. Admission is free, at least it has been so far and I suspect it will remain so. Buy a couple of t-shirts and a CD or DVD to help them out and stick around to talk to the kids. They are all wonderfully cute and polite. I saw more Taiwanese hugging that day than all of my years here combined. Considering most Taiwanese have never hugged their parents or children it was very impressive. Pictured above are the Commander and Bosco, a 12 year-old who would like to be a doctor when he grows up.

All about May Day!