Monday, April 30, 2007

Ni Howdy Numbers

Ni Howdy turned 800 days old yesterday! Did anyone else forget?

So in celebration of a full 800 days in power, and in recognition of May Day, here are the first round of numbers answering the number one burning question at a contributor blog...

Who posts most?

Here's the breakdown on percentage of total posts per contributor...

1. Red A - 23.9%
2. J-Hole - 20.7%
3. Rye - 15.9%
4. Kevlar - 15.8%
5. Bread - 10.1%
6. Pimp - 5.4%
7. D-Wayne - 4.2%, (1.2% as Mendoza)
8. Frenchie - 3.4%
9. Capt. Beer - 0.4%
10. D.U.G. - 0.0% (1 draft)

-0.2% margin of error

Those under the 10% line will be sent to re-education camps in accordance with winner's request...

Numbers are blog birth through April 29th...

Welcome Willy

A hearty wai-ke welcome to Ni Howdy's newest contributor, Esquire Willy!

I never would have thought to call him Esquire Willy but pseudonyms work in mysterious ways I guess... if you don't yet know who he is, this is all I'm gonna say y'all...

I ran into Esquire Willy yesterday at Fubar, and he asked me how it was going having two kids now. I said it was busy, really busy, but good, you know... to which he replied,

"I remember when my second one was born. I just got outta rehab and went home, sat down in the living room to watch some Gilligan's Island and all I saw was this stream of piss fly across the room. And I said, 'WOMAN!. Pass me the bong!'"

Let's give this guy some at-bats!

You're DHing tomorrow man if we don't get rained on.

Thanks A Hole

Thanks for introduction and setting me up with simplified Chinese "A Hole", aka J Hole.

I only created 2 new blog sites trying to change the language.... Just kept pushing buttons.

Hello boys and girls out there in blog land.

Esquire Willy here, contributing to you from your local sperm bank 109........ Don't worry I'll leave the cup on the counter. Why are these pages all stuck together???

Well now let's see what to spew out..........

I guess, I'd like to start with "Thanks" to the other contributors for letting me be a part of this circle jerk. I feel like a real participant. As long as I don't gotta play catch. I guess I'm alright???

Next months contribution will be from Beijing bustling red light district with 40 dollars stapled to my zipper.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

"Drinking Can Save Your Life"

Here's the confirmation we've all been waiting for. According Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane, "Drinking can save your life."

Macfarlane was reportedly scheduled to board American Airlines flight 11 on the morning of Sept. 11th, 2001, but missed it because he was hungover...

Flight 11 was of course then hijacked that morning and flew into the North Tower...(wikipedia story here)

Here's to Seth not dying.

The man is truly a great comedian.

Watch his address to Harvard's Class of 2006, as himself. PETER GRIFFIN STEWIE GRIFFIN QUAGMIRE

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hungry Llama at the Cadillac Ranch

Prior to a photo shoot for the state Click It or Ticket campaign a llama ate a 4-foot by 4-foot Styrofoam seat belt prop. If done within an hour there is no charge.


Well, I certainly don't want to make Karl seem prescient, but it does appear we are on our way to establishing a football team blog. With Frenchie in hibernation until football season and Captain Beer too busy ripping-off Ni Howdy posts ( 1 , 2 ) and repacking them for his rag, we needed someone to speak for the loud, alcohol-fueled crowd.

And found the perfect person for the role, we have in deed. I'll wait until he conquers the sign-in procedure to release his name, if that's not obvious from his posts. Normally, our monikers are given to us by others (Rye!), but in this case I thought his suggestion could not be topped. I heard it and immediately thought it was a losing horse at Ruidoso Downs or Jerry Lawler's doofus sidekick. Regardless, the name alone is worth the price of admission to the blog.

Friday, April 27, 2007

John Kuhel, grandson of legendary Chisox first baseman Joe Kuhel, carries on the tradition every Sunday for the Lin Fa Factory Cats down in Tainan...

video by Les Arthur...

Taichung City TaiKe Tourism Season 台中市台客觀光季

April showers bring...what is it again? Oh, yeah - TaiKe Rock 'n Roll! Taichung has designated May as TaiKe Tourism Season (Chinese link). What is TaiKe? Let Red A answer. What is TaiKe Tourism Season? Let the city government explain: The Season coordinates multiple life and recreational arts in the City into the delicate presentation of all-aspects and colorful innovations.

Who cares about - or understands - that? May 5th and 6th will see the main attraction of the Season. TaiKe rock featuring Wu Bai and China Blue (English Wu Bai site, and a Chinese one - sign up required). Look at the dude. He is TaiKe. I freely admit I love the guy and band. I used to listen and learn the lyrics so I could sing along until someone took (or hid) my CD. Here's a video of a typical Wu Bai Taiwanese song. And here is a classic, not his, but his cover is the most famous. This is the song that I sang to my wife, the lovely Petra Sue Lynch, when I proposed to her over the telephone from the States - Love You 10,000 Years (愛你一萬年). The video has the lyrics. Learn them and impress your Taiwanese spouse or whoever needs impressing.

P.S. - Garland, I want you to watch the Love You 10,000 Years video and give me your opinion. Tell me what you think, you won't hurt my feelings cause if you don't like it I'll say you're wrong.


And now, a joke. First in Chinese and then in English with explanation (mandatory of all Chinese-language jokes for non-native speakers).


因為伍佰跑到去開演唱會 (You may now laugh.)

Why did the 800 warriors become the 300 warriors?

Because Wu Bai left to give a concert.

Explanation: The 800 warriors are China's version of the Spartan 300. In 1937 a group of 800 Chinese soldiers withstood thousands of Japanese for four days as the invasion of Shanghai began.

Wu Bai (伍佰), the singer mentioned above, has the same pronunciation as the characters for the number 500 (五百).

Get it? Did you laugh? I didn't. But every Taiwanese that I've told the joke to did laugh - about 5 people. It was originally told to me by my 6th-grade student and I don't know if she was repeating a joke she heard or if she made it up.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

God, and I thought Taiwanese food fights were bad

ATTENTION: MAY NOT BE APPROPRIATE FOR CHILDREN (of course it was said in a room with young teens, so I guess it's okay)

Today the Montana legislature took an ugly turn. I think it's fair to say Sen. Lange has some issues with Governor Schweitzer:

"The governor can go straight to hell as far as I'm concerned for trying to do that," Lange told his caucus.

Lange went on to say, "I'm pissed off at that SOB on the second floor (Schweitzer) that thinks he's trying to run the state like a dictator. What matters is your integrity.

"So my message to the governor is: Stick it up your ass! Stick it up your ass!"

Many of the House Republicans applauded at those words.

Lange, who is a probable Republican challenger to Democratic U.S. Sen. Max Baucus, said it no longer matters to him if Schweitzer has all of his bills killed.

"I don't give a shit," he told his caucus. "I will not be offered a bribe to turn you loose to screw the people of the state of Montana. We won't back down."

Using a nice KMT technique, he also managed to say that the governor negotiated like Red China and Communist Russia. It's interesting reading the article from Billings, a very red portion of the state, and the from Missoula, a very blue area.

I will say this on Sen. Lange's behalf. He is known as a moderate and was the last hope for a budget compromise before Friday. He's generally regarded favorably by the left and the right as someone who you can work with. Unfortunately, and I've said this before, our governor does think of Montana as his own personal fiefdom. If I were a conservative, as most Montanans are, I'd be pissed off too, just as I am with Bush for not recognizing that we have a legislature for a reason and taking uncompromising positions gets things nowhere.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ad for Taiwan's participation in the WHO

But the WHO cares Taiwan?
Please care Taiwan!

Good Gravy! This was made by Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I originally thought that the voiceover was done by a native speaker, but how could a native speaker utter those words? Let's support my (paid) participation in the MOFA as English copy editor.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The phone numbers will cost you

As a service to the Taipei Times I will post some selected classified ads as printed in Monday's newspaper.

Powerful oil Gentle therapy.
Sensuall point rub down. Full Body Totally Relax, Affectionate release. Woman/Man welcome!! ask Leo with masseur's

Valentine's Aroma Japaness Highest Quality warm oil therapy.
Experience New city masseuses. Shemona & Caroline. ask Transvestite Joyce.

Musculine Male Masseurs
Refreshing & relaxing body massage by masculine male. Please call: VINCENT

Romanticisms Transvestite Thai massage.
New city masseuse's give Highest good recipes. Call Joan or Mini.

I must say that upon first glance, I expected this article to go a little more hand-in-hand with the above post. Not to be, however. Sorry D-Wayne. Taiwan will celebrate International Spank Out Day this April 29th. It was established to encourage the end of corporal punishment by parents and teachers. So instead of "smacking on impulse", smackgivers are encouraged to make a phone call (to whom, it doesn't say, but I suggest VINCENT or Transvestite Joyce) or exchange "pithy one-liners."
Minister of Education Tu Cheng-sheng (杜正勝) offered this priceless piece of pith, "Respect and understand children to avoid treating them violently." I think the MofE needs a refresher on the meaning of pithy - short, direct, memorable. Then again, he was probably speaking in Chinese and everything in Chinese is pithy. If he was speaking in Taiwanese than it was probably just plain loud as heck.

Friday, April 20, 2007

The First Great Chili Cook-Off

On the eve of Taichung's Second Annual Chili Cook-Off, let us look at another cook-off, the Terlingua International Chili Championship. This one really cemented chili as a national dish, not just Texan, and gave birth to the aforementioned cook-off while helping to popularize others.

The year was 1967 and a New York humorist, H. Allen Smith, and Wick Fowler, a Texas reporter and chili entrepreneur, competed in Terlingua in the inaugural Chili Smackdown. Smith had written an article in Holiday Magazine, Nobody Knows More About Chili Than I Do, which pretty much set off a storm and resulted in the contest. The result was a tie. Rather than retell the story, let's look at their recipes and judge them.

Both Fowler's and Smith's recipes can be found here. However, even though the author states that Smith's directions are in his own words, his words are incomplete. It is necessary to read his complete directions to properly judge. For those who don't have the time to link and read, I will provide a summary of their differences.

Beef - Fowler: "chili-grind" beef. Smith: coarsely ground chuck. Advantage: Smith because I don't know what cut Fowler is using or how coarse "chili-grind"is.

Oregano, Onion, Garlic, Cumin - Pretty much the same. Push.

Chile - Smith: 3 tablespoons New Mexico chile powder. Good call on the N.M. but pretty stingy for 3lbs. of beef. Fowler: 3 tablespoons chile powder, 12 or more dried Japanese chiles and 6 to 8 chilipiquins. Advantage: Fowler in a rout.

Liquid - Fowler: water as needed. Smith: 1 qt. of water. Advantage: Fowler. While it's not bourbon, at least he's not making soup like Smith.

Tomatoes - Smith: 2 cans of tomato paste or sauce. Fowler: 1 cup canned tomato sauce. Push: Fowler can't win this one by using less of something that shouldn't be there ( see note 1 and remember it's not spicy Prego being made here).

Basil - Smith: a couple of pinches of sweet basil ( see complete directions above ). Fowler: none. Advantage: Fowler. Refer to previous item.

Thickener - Fowler: flour ( though I believe it is actually masa, as that is what is in his chili packs and Smith even accused him of adding "corn meal"). Smith: None stated, but see below. Advantage: Fowler.

Beans - Smith: 2 cans kidney or pinto beans. Probably used to thicken up the soup he's making. Jesus wept. Fowler: none. Advantage: Fowler, by all that is holy.

Note 1 - From New Mexico Congressman Manuel Lujan's 1984 House Joint Resolution 465--the so-called "Chili Bill,"...whereas chili is a succulent, distinctive blending of meats and spices...". I do not believe that either tomatoes or beans can be construed as spices.

Note 2 - Fowler and Smith had one thing in common. They both knew chili was about meat. Take out the meat and there's no chili. No such thing as vegetarian chili. Call it something else. Milk removed from ice cream is sorbet, not lactose-free ice cream. Take out the chicken from coq au vin, add beef and you have a very good likeness of Beef Bourguignon.

Conclusion - Fowler has the better recipe, though I would not make it like he does. Go tomorrow and enjoy the chilis and other dishes that are brought.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Korean Kids mistake Kevlar for "Greg"

Student Graffiti

Chili Cook-Off

2nd Annual Soho St. Chili Cook-Off is Saturday April 21st. Things kick off at 2 pm. Should be a great day with sunshine, cheap beer and, of course, CHILI! 200NT gets samples of all the chili. Try some of J-Hole's real down home Texas Chili (if he can find his meat), my "too spicy" Chili and Ponce's white chili (snicker). And don't forget Captain Beer's WTF chili, made with stuff that shouldn't be in chili. There will even be some vegetarian chili for those less manly among us. Live music will abound with 4 bands playing at FuBar, Salut and PJ's throughout the day. All money raised will go to charity. Thanks to Lance and DeShea at The Voice for all the hard work.

Above you see J-Hole's image of heaven (with MTM and beer replacing the little dude)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Japan's conversion is complete

In WWII, the Japanese armed forces were infamous for Banzai charges, kamikaze attacks, and fighting to the last man. Things have changed a lot since then.

Check out these recruiting videos for the Japanese navy...looks more like a way to get some serious dance skillz than anything else.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Unknown (Martian?) speaks at UN

Examination Yuan President Yao Chia-wen (姚嘉文) recently spoke at the U.N.'s 4th session of the Human Rights Council as part of a delegation from Liberal International (Note - I was introduced to Mr. Yao during my first trip to Taiwan when I met his wife, the magistrate of Changhua county. He was quiet as he stood in the background, overseeing his wife. His wife was the first DPP magistrate for Changhua - I believe - and he was still on parole after serving more than 7 years of his 12-year sentence for his role in the Kaohsuing Incident).

He spoke for a little more than 2 minutes to the Human Rights Council urging them to respect Taiwan's human rights and allow them to join the W.H.O., which in its constitution states that:

The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition.

Such as Taiwan's right to emergency assistance without interference from others - i.e., China - and Taiwan's right to be protected from its neighbor's negligent and disingenuous health practices, the birthplace of SARS - again, China.

Whether the HRC knowingly allowed Yao's participation or it was just an oversight, soon became a moot point at the UN. China blocks Taiwan every chance it gets.

China therefore protested. Taiwan was called Taiwan and not Taiwan, Province of China. Oops! HRC's Universal Declaration of Human Rights says in Article 15, section 1, that everyone has a right to nationality, as long as you don't choose Taiwanese.

Furthermore, the China representative complained that Yao's remarks on the WHO were "irrelevant to the HRC session." Well, the UN is determined to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights and to promote social progress and better standards of life. Again, the HRC's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in Article 25, section 1, states that (good) medical care is a right.

So what was the response from the global upholder of justice, human rights...blah,blah,blah? Yao's speech was deleted from the written and online record. They apologized for issuing a badge to a person (Yao) who was not a holder of an appropriate identity document" recognized by the U.N. for the session.

What can Taiwan do? Protest? Maybe, but few listen when Taiwan speaks. Do nothing? It usually has the same result without going through the effort of trying. How about attacking the U.N.? I don't mean bombing and killing, but maybe a quick infiltration and snatching some headsets, translators and a few flags and running away. Drop the translators off in Sudan and high tail it back to Taiwan. What is the UN going to do, attack? Attack where? Taiwan doesn't exist and therefore can't be found. In their attempt to locate this non-country, the UN would inadvertently end up finding and attacking Atlantis, provoking the wrath of the mighty Atlanteans and getting their butts kicked. At least, that's the way I see it.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Friday, April 13, 2007

Yacht Rock #1

Channel 101 : Yacht Rock

The Doobies, Michale McDonald, Kenny Loggins, Hall and Oates, Toto, Van Halen, Steve Perry, Christopher Cross, Michael Jackson and the Eagles. What do they have in common? Well, according to Channel 101, they all had something to do with the smooth music scene known as Yacht Rock. Episode 1 is a little slow but needs to be seen to set the scene for later episodes. This show survived for an amazing 10 episodes before being cancelled. If you have Quick Time, use the link above. If not, go to YouTube. A little content warning, for the John Oates, Micheal McDonald and Kenny Loggins characters can all be a little salty in their language.

While I'm on the subject, UltraForce is another gem (YouTube link). Nobody clicked on it previously, so I'll be a little more direct in my directing (Embedded post labels: spandex, robots, lasers). If I can't get Karl with that, then nothing can be done.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

High Speed Rail Report

I took the high speed rail back from Taipei a couple of days ago. My impressions:

1. It was pretty easy to buy the tickets and the Taipei station is located in the regular old train station.

2. The seat was a bit uncomfortable at first (perhaps too stiff?) and the handrests were made of hard plastic. Normally I would not care except that the ticket costs NT$ 700 one way, versus NT$ 150 for the bus, so I was expecting better seating.

3. Is Banciao really that important of a city for it to have a stop?

4. The train doesn't seem very fast when you are sitting down in your seat. It seems only moderately faster than a Tz-Chiang Hau. However, when you go between the carriages (where the bathrooms are) you can feel the speed a bit more. It's an exceptionally smooth ride, too.

5. Wow - you arrive in Taichung pretty fast. I'm glad I didn't try to take a nap. It's a one hour trip from Taipei to Taichung, so only bring along one or two beers.

6. The Taichung high speed rail station was basically empty except for a smattering of tourists. The 7-11 had a lot of customers, but look for the McDonald's there to close soon I think.

7. Oh, the station is in Wu Rh - no wonder it's empty...but there were a ton of taxis all waiting. The taxi fare from the station to my house was NT$ 250, and I think I live rather close to the station (via expressway) than most parts of Taichung.

Here's the score:

Bus: bumpy ride, but nicer seats. NT$ 100 for Taxi, NT$ 150 for ticket.
HSR: fast ride, bad seats. NT$ 250 for Taxi, NT$ 700 for ticket.

Overall, if the HSR station was closer, I'd probably take it over the bus, because saving one hour plus is close to being worth NT$ 550. I think their main business will be people living farther south who want to go to Taipei and business travelers. I don't know why they didn't hook it up to CKS Airport because I can see people paying a premium to make a flight. UPDATE: They have a plan that will have some sort of MRT hooking it up to the airport.

Official Site

Wikipedia Entry

The ultimate reason for taking the HSR...if Taipei had a Taco Bell.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

For one Canadian dollar

This fine store is selling cold Kirins for 29 nt. It is kind of behind the science museum, kitty cornered to a supermarket.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Townes or J-Hole?

Watching this old Townes clip, I'm reminded of J-Hole and his philosophical ramblings on a beach in Palawan. I've spent a lot of time with drunk Texans in my day, so I shouldn't be surprised by the resemblance, but nonetheless, I am. When are we going to get J-Hole guitar lessons? Could he be the new Townes? Let's analyze:

Townes: Tall and Lanky. J-Hole: Tall and Lanky
Townes: Smart J-Hole: They don't call him I-Jay for his innocence
Townes: Texan J-Hole: Texan
Townes: Drunk all the time. J-Hole: Drunk most of the time.

If we could just start getting J-Hole drunk before school, we might have something...

High School Baseball

You would think Seattlites (or Seattletonians or Seattlers or whatever the hell they are) would understand meteorology better. It rains everyday in March, that's just the way it is. So why would they schedule a high school baseball tournament for any time during March? That's the question I need answered.

Armed with this information, I nonetheless drove over to Seattle to see my cousin (Peter) play baseball at least once before he graduates. A tourney on Orcas Island over Spring Break seemed like the perfect opportunity to test Seattle weather. It didn't prove me wrong.

Suffering through four consecutive rainouts, the U-Prep Pumas (that equals rich, private school attended by little cousin) finally took the field against John Olerud's son's school, the C---suckers (edited for content). With John Olerud himself coaching first base, the Pumas were outmanned. Amid a steady downpour, their pitchers couldn't avoid contact with the opposition bats. A ten run lead was built after two innings. The mercy rule was mercifully employed after five, with the Pumas going down 17-3.

Peter, who bats third and plays second, fumbled a grounder. Offensively, the wet conditions led to walks, lots of them. Peter managed three of them all by himself, as the bat never left his shoulder and the ball never sailed below his eyes. The five inning game took three hours, without a rain delay.

Seattle sucks. Glad to be back in Montana (where my first intramural softball game was played in a blizzard this past Monday).

Next year my cousin will be playing baseball for Colorado School of Mines -- I hope Golden, CO has better weather. It has lots of Coors, so at least there will be something besides Starbucks for rainouts.

Iris Dement Review

Missoula, MT
April 7th, 2007

Iris walked on stage in her olive green dress that looked like my grandmother's sofa. She casually sat at the grand piano and began to belt out "Sweet is the Melody" in such a fashion I was sure she was drunk. However, as the tune went on, the song drifted into its lyrical lilt and I knew my twenty bucks were not wasted. She played for two hours, basically covering everything off of her first two albums, Infamous Angel and My Life. She played from the rest of her albums sporadically, which was okay with me. Those two albums encompass her finest work, and it was a treat to hear her new interpretations. "Easy's Gettin' Harder Everyday" and "No Time to Cry" brought the house down, as did her finale, "Our Town." She noted that her token hit, "Let the Mystery Be", has become a funeral song, much to her dismay (she noted that she thought it was one of the happier songs she had written). She also covered, husband Greg Brown's "The Train Carrying Jimmie Rodgers Home" and Lefty Frizell's "That's the Way Love Goes," giving both that atypical Iris twist. Unfortunately, John Prine wasn't around, so "In Spite of Ourselves" went unheard.

One of the best things about living in a small town is the ability to see these performers in such an intimate setting. After the show, she sat in the lobby of the University Theater and chatted with the locals for a good hour or more. I talked my way into being an usher for the upcoming John Prine show, which means free tickets. Yes!

*If you don't know who Iris Dement is (which I'm guessing is everyone save Rye), make the effort to find out. You have to listen more than once though, because she definitely boasts a unique style which can be difficult to adjust to.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Day 2 of our 4-day weekend

One of my favorite mesquite workings. Charlie Boren is a resident master sculptor at the Russell Farm Art Center, in Burleson, Texas.

See the complete UltraForce series ( 3 episodes at about 15 minutes total). Groove to one of the all-time great theme songs and learn a new handshake. Aces!

Ultraforce #1 brought an unprecedented production value to Channel 101, dazzling the audience with spandex, lasers, vehicles and locations. By episode 3, Gourley and Carter became victims of their own quality, unable to keep up with the rigorous schedule and relatively high budget (some episodes had a budget of up to 500 dollars). #3 is a tear-jerking finale, and Ultraforce will forever stand as a home video hero. Channel 101 review

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Baseball Part II: National League and Love

Although I don't have much love for this scan, I couldn't help myself. Two great baseball players on one site. I have to admit, I haven't ever been much of an Expos fan other than the year I jumped on the bandwagon and called a farce on the whole baseball strike deal. The Expos were robbed.
Now being the Nationals, I will make my first pick.............
This team will be the worst in the Majors. Long live the NL!
The NL East has two great teams. The Mets and the Phillies. Last year I thought the Phillies had a chance to win it all, but they didn't even grab a wild card birth. OUCH! Bruise to my ego? This year I'll stick my head out even further on the chopping block and go for the team which most resembles the Tigers. The Marlins. Why the Marlins? Well, I see the bats in the Phillies lineup and the Mets. But where is the pitching? In Florida that's where. It's a bold pick but I look at this young team and see solid from top to bottom. Maybe I'm buying into the hype of all the great young players on this team too much, but seriously, look at the lineup. Followed by a great young pitching staff. Florida.
In the NL Central, I have to admit......I hate the Cardinals. I hated the roid freak McGwire and his homerun title and I hate the team now. Pujols on the other hand is a great player and he got his ring. Good for him, too bad he plays for such a faggy named team in red. So the Cards are out in my books. So where do I go from here? Cubs or Astros? Cubs or Astros? Pitching? Where is it? I don't know Damn it! Ok Cubs, Lee, Soriano and Ramirez will pound the ball.
In the NL West, it's another tough call. The Dodgers and Padres seem like the teams to beat again. I think I'll go with the Dodgers. They added a couple of new arms, they have speed and .....wait a minute. Damn, I wish the Mets, Phillies or Astros were in this division. It would be a lot easier.
I'll go with the Mets for the wild card. They won so many games last year, and Pedro will be fresh in August. It should be enough for them to make a push.
(As I complete this post, I would like to say that the cut and paste option doesn't work and at the time of posting, I would like to reverse what I have said for the Marlins and insert it here, the Mets will win the East, Marlins wild card)
I have to say, the NL is pretty difficult to pick. The bats are there, but the pitching is missing. I like the Giants rotation and they might be a sleeper of a team if Barry produces.
For Jimbo's sake, I'll throw out some love towards a couple of MVP bids.
In the AL my love goes to A-Rod......contract year.
In the NL I'll send some love to Soriano in a deadly lineup.
So it all comes down to the World Series.
Tigers vs. Mets
Tigers in 6!