Monday, March 28, 2011

Taiwan Weekend Redux

Denver, CO. July 1-4. Be there or be perpendicular.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Still snowing in Helena, MT. ENOUGH ALREADY GODS OF WEATHER!

-- practicing law enables one to deal with idiots on a daily basis. kind of like teaching.

-- fantasy baseball draft this weekend, always nice to catch up with Stoney, BigEl, PIMP, Dwayne, etc.

-- shout-out to Dean and his Spiders. Two Richmond schools still alive, not bad. And firm up those dates for Denver. Try to wrap them around a weekend and a Rockies game and we gotta chance. I think PIMP was talking of getting down there at some point as well, let's just make it a party.

-- heading to Houston for a family reunion crawfish boil next weekend. i get to see all my ass backward kinfolk who debate the finer points of Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck. YES!

-- the current legislature in MT has made itself famous nationwide with some unusual bills:

1. a bill stating global warming is good for MT
2. a bill implementing the gold standard
3. a bill nullifying federal rules (nevermind that supremacy clause in the constitution we all love!)
4. a bill adopting the cowboy code as the code of MT (no kidding)
5. a bill legalizing hunting with a spear
6. a bill to give sherriffs authority over the feds in terror cases (amended to make it more cooperative)
7. compulsory marriage counseling for those seeking divorce (i thought tea party folk wanted government out of our life?)
8. legalizing hunting with silencers (don't want to spook the elk away from other hunters -- nevermind the corpse at the elk's feet)
9. require the feds to prove in court national parks were legally obtained ( i reckon this has to do with national monuments and not parks, but I haven't read the bill)
10. withdraw the US from the UN (ummmmm)
11. omit obama from the 2012 ballot bc he was born outside of the US
12. create fully armed militias in every town (yes!)
13. eliminate state incentives for developing wind power (i.e. tax breaks, you know those things we all hate!)
14. allow concealed weapons in courts, churches and bars (so you can drink, pick off the guy sitting next to you, appear in court, go to church on Sunday for forgiveness, and never have to get rid of your piece!)
15. allow guns in schools

This doesn't even touch the abortion bills (16 if them!), the school cuts, the screw the indian bills, the closure of our one veterans home, etc. BTW, Montana is one of the few states in the black...and it's not by a little. Fortunately, some of these bills have been amended, and few, if any, will be passed by both houses and signed by the governor, but Jesus H! Jobs Jobs Jobs was the mantra if I recall. Aaron, I have no doubt you will look into these blurbs and set us straight about how they are helping us find jobs (i.e. cottage spear chucking industry).

Friday, March 18, 2011

3 Paragraphs from AP

At the same time, the rebels were sending their own warplanes in an attempt to break the regime's assault on Ajdabiya, a city about 100 miles southwest of Benghazi that has been under a punishing siege by Gadhafi's forces the past two days. But by Thursday afternoon, Gadhafi's army were holding the southern, eastern and western outskirts of Ajdabiya.

The unrest in Libya began Feb. 15 in the eastern city of Benghazi and spread east to Tripoli, the capital. Like others in the Mideast, the protest started with popular demonstrations against Gadhafi, rejecting his four decades of despotic and often brutal rule. The tone quickly changed after Gadhafi's security in Tripoli forcefully put down the gatherings there.

Soon rebel forces began arming themselves, quickly taking control of the country's east centered on Benghazi, the second largest Libyan city, with a population of about 700,000. Some Libyan army units joined the rebels, providing them with some firepower, but much less than Gadhafi's remaining forces, and crucially, no air power.


Can you find the inherent contradiction in this piece?

I guess the editors at AP have some problems coordinating their information.