Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Rape of the Earth

rock project1
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Under a big sky workers toil. Cutting swaths for rocks. Truckloads are carted away to be seperated from their kin. New walls are built, canals, dykes, topsoil added. Farmers get one check for stones. One bill for dykes. Lots of dust, and the limitation of two rice or yam crops for the year.
rock project 2
Aparently Taiwan has laws about the removal of stones from rivers. Here the river was diverted years ago so these stones are fair game. Small truck stone value 3000 large truck over 10000. The dyke wall in the picture (length) cost 80000. So who gets the profit? Well there are a lot of rocks down there. There are also people who just buy large rocks for display purposes. If I dig up boulders can I put made in Taiwan handicraft stickers on them? If I use a shovel can I autograph them as designer picked? I gotta go look up rocks on e-bay. "High price, High quality".

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