Sunday, January 18, 2009

Top 100

Here are the Top 100 songs voted in by CBC radio listeners.

Some of them aren't too bad actually.

Probably not enough Stompin Tom on there but what are you gonna do?

Would a playlist for Bush contain different songs?


Rye said...

i've never heard of a lot these people.

D-Wayne said...

saw the cbc plugs about it, but didn't vote. must have been alot of cbc montreal voters. what's with all the french songs?

Hannibal said...

For folks south of the border there is which plays "Americana" music.

Bread & J-Hole should check this out, as there is a lot of airtime given to Texas singer-songwriters.

mr.bean said...

Saw the Guess Who in a small casino ballroom outside Oakland in around '97. The guys rocked it out in a BIG way ! Played all their hits and really sounded like their albums of years past.