Friday, January 16, 2009

Going to Guam tomorrow. Any requests? Karl, you still need beef bouillon?

Front page picture, print edition, from the Taipei Times. Hey, it works! I sure as hell laughed. Watch out China Post, they're coming after you.

Good news for D-Wayne. Pop has upgraded him ( with no prompting from me ) from "the one who just points and doesn't ask" to " that Canadian" at Southern Command. Chris has yet to receive any moniker and I think AJ's is "the guy I don't understand when he talks about gout."

The Taiwan Green Party is urging people to spend their vouchers wisely. Wisely means you spend it where they want you to spend it. They should not be used on frivolous items such as cars, gas, and disposable items. Damn! We're almost out of toilet paper. Maybe I can borrow some of the costumes from the Green Party Street Theater Troupe to tidy my heinie. Really, if they want to be taken seriously they need to get a new director, better costume designer and props man. Well, that and about a billion other things, but...One guy is holding a voucher with what looks like some sort of shriveled claw. In the foreground is what I take to be a giant condom ghost watching the other members dressed as...costumed troupe people? hold vouchers that seem to be drifting into the huge hole in the earth left by the levitation of the Leaf continent. None of them look too happy about whatever is going on. Maybe they're pissed their photo got bumped from the front page by an egg and a clown.


John Naruwan said...

How come 4 of my blog posts are shown as linking to this post? Not a big deal, just curious. I don't normally stray out of the comfort of my feed reader but I had to see if this Dan Bloom egg thing was for real. This is proof that the Taipei Times is going under in a matter of days. Seriously. It's like they know it's the end and they don't care anymore.

Karl said...

Yes, please grab me some bouillon if it's not too much trouble.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for snakes.

Karl, I think you could try contacting Knorr Taiwan because they make pork bullion and chicken bullion....maybe they make beef too but don't sell much.