Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oh! You have to go too?

I don't care that everyone has to work today.

It is a make-up day for having Jan.2 off. More like wake-up it's Saturday, now go to work!!!
Jan.1 fell on Thursday, every asshole got a four day weekend. Everything kinda crowded. Now this!!

In an effort to enforce the regulations more effectively, those who report violations will be rewarded with 5 percent of the fine. People seeking to collect the reward may take photos of smoking in the act, ashtrays, lighters, and signboards of the venues as evidence

Public venues where smoking is banned include restaurants, karaoke bars, Internet cafes, coffee shops, indoor workplaces with three or more people, and public transportation stations and waiting areas.

Under the revised rules, people who take a drag in smoke-free areas will be fined from NT$2,000 to NT$10,000.


mberenis said...

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Sandy said...

are you still a non-smoker?

are you exploring the awesome income potential 5% of these fines could be?

Anonymous said...

Dialogue 2 (A home near Mitokoshi.)

A: Do you have any cigarettes?
K: No, I.. Ah.. haven't smoked in over a year.
A: So you don't have any cigarettes? Guess that is why you are so fat!