Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reflections from the Road

Montana: -20F at departure.
Idaho: The nearest Jack in the Box to Missoula.
Utah: Red rocks and Mormons
Arizona: Grand Canyon under snow is a sight to behold.
New Mexico: Sitting by my brother's Kiva, stepping in Dog Poop, and finally watching a Harry Potter movie.
Texas: Cotton pickin' time out west, 80 in Htown (meaning the temperature difference from the time I left Missoula was officially 100 degrees).
Louisiana: Getting lost in the bayous and finding an unnamed diner with two things on the menu, boiled shrimp and boiled crawfish. Opted for the Crawfish.
Mississippi: Lost a lot of money in Biloxi...
Florida: Diving in the keys, camping out in Dry Tortugas Nat'l Park and without question the most boring state to drive across.
Georgia: Decided here to make the detour to NY and NB.
South Carolina: Deep accents.
North Carolina: Ordered a pizza for the road, probably not one of my better decisions.
Virginia: Richmond gas stations at 2am are not a place for the faint of heart.
Maryland: Baltimore has a lot of toll roads. Westerners hate toll roads.
Delaware: Five dollars for the Delaware Bridge, five miles to cross the state. Really, that's a state?
New Jersey: I could hear PJ playing the Spoons all down the turnpike...
NY: Kicking it at a gay bar with my gay cousin. Fortunately, neither of us entered the underwear contest.
Connecticut: I blinked.
Rhode Island: 3 hour nap on the roadside.
Mass: Somewhere Kurt was telling me I was a rookie to Taiwan.
New Hampshire: 19 miles to cross, 3 dollars in tolls. I hate toll roads!
Maine: A cute girl with a thick Maine accent serving me Popeye's and trees. A lot of trees.
NB: See previous post.
Pennsylvania: Hit a blizzard. Not so fun.
Ohio: Saw a Hawaii license plate, thus completing my list of American tags on the trip. Still waiting for the NW territories and Nunavit to complete Canada.
Indiana: Miller Beach (my father's hometown) has changed a bit ethnically since the days when he grew up.
Illinois: Won some money in a hold 'em tournament with my brother-in- law and cousin.
Iowa: Sang Dar Williams and slept.
Minnesota: Visited the Green Giant statue in Blue Earth while listening to the Jayhawks' album "Blue Earth."
South Dakota: Visited the Corn Palace and checked out Mt. Rushmore at night. Was the only person there, so that was cool.
Wyoming: Sheridan may be the most disgusting town in the United States.
Montana: Shooting stars by the second in Wyola.

That about sums up my vacation. If you made it through the list, congrats.


Anonymous said...

Piles of posts!
How long did this little excursion take?
You do realize that if you visit people, they might one day visit you.

mr. bean said...

Quite the roadtrip Bread. Good thing gas prices have been down. I was born in Gary, IN & we lived in Miller. Just a block or so from the lake. Is that the same Miller Beach where your pop is from ?