Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bread Machine in NB

So Bread was on his way to New York City and thought he'd "swing by" New Brunswick.

I'd never heard anyone say that before.

Unless you're in Maine or Quebec, you don't just "swing by" NB. We are rather out of the way.

In a panic, we alerted the border authorities but Bread was somehow able to slip through the porous security. Freakin' cutbacks.

He showed up in shorts and a tank top.

It was damn cold when he was here. That part is true. We had an Arctic system move through the Maritimes that week. We're almost up to zero this weekend. Balmy!

The Make Out King of Montana spent a whole day on a university campus in minus 35 with a wind chill and was unable to see the inside of any dorms rooms. And he disses the talent. ("I don't care if the sun don't shine...")

Let's see, what other hyperbole can get unspun?

We did indeed split a 2 game set in computer baseball. In fact, I blew a 3 run lead in the eighth of the first game. Bread got inside my head. But I tuned him in the second game. We played rosters as of winter 2004. (A-Rod is still a Ranger in this game). If you're the Braves, you're gonna start good ol' Russ Ortiz.

Candlepin bowling is kind of like using cannonballs to knock down, well, candlepins. We rolled 2 strings and tied the first at 55. I took the second 88-74. The world record for one string is 245.

Bread is notorious for roaming all over the planet and never carrying a camera.

8 months in Africa, nary a pic. Europe, no pics. South America, one pic.

New Brunswick? 3 pics of me bowling in my space pants. Chris!

The old man prefers rum, not beer. Just in case anyone's keeping score.

Here's a pic of the famous bridge copied from the wiki page.

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