Sunday, January 25, 2009


I must be smoke-free almost a year. I didn't mean to quit. I read this book and it changed my mind. Instead of thinking about having a cigarette every hour, it comes up once a week. I ah yeah, I got fat. I think that might be Karma from calling my buds Ry and Bread fat.

I took this file and had five copies printed. Two went to co-workers, nothing stuck. One went to Karl's doorstep nothing happened. One went to Ry's favorite smoker nothing happened. I made one for Brit Paul, swung by PJ's and the cute waitress didn't know who he was. Think he might be hanging with the new owner of Bodaga?

I don't care if people smoke, I just need to pass on the info.


mr. bean said...

I'd like to give it a read Kev. Meet up sometime Mon./Tues/Wed. and you can pass it on to me ?

J-hole said...

Mr. Bean,

Early Thursday afternoon at M & P's?

mr. bean said...

OK, That works 4 me. Say 2 o'clock.
U have a copy of Kev's report? I'd download/print it, but it's 120 odd pages.