Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obama Songs

In news of the gay, CBC Radio is making a mixed CD for incoming President Obama.

Canadians were invited to vote for the canuckiest of songs. 49 will be chosen.

Polls closed last night. I'm happy to not hear the promo anymore.

Despite what the thought bubble on this link says, I think "Go For A Soda" will make the list.

That or "Patio Lanterns".

You gotta have patio lanterns.

I forgot to vote. PIMP? Kevlar? DW?


P.I.M.P said...

I voted a few times. I've been listening to it for the past couple of weeks. I've heard some great stuff. I'd have to say Hayden is a great musician. I love my Neil and Daniel Lanois will always be held in the highest regard as musician and producer. But of the list, my fav and I believe the song which best represents is good ol Gord and the Canadian Railroad Trilogy. He's got my vote although in my letter to CBC I conveyed my sincerest believe that while driving across the prairies, Prairie Wind needs to be heard. I'm a little disappointed "The Painter" was not one of the nominated songs.

On a side note, how the hell is "let your backbone slide" one of the top songs in group A?

Anyways, the voting has been interesting and unfortunately too many great songs are missing from the list. I wonder what Obama will think when he hears "Mon Pays"?

P.I.M.P said...

Oh, and I almost forgot what a great band "The Band" were eh?

Rye said...

I should have voted for Bud the Spud.

And Last American Exit by T Hip.