Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two Things

1. If I am ever in charge of a US company who sends overseas vendors Excel Files to fill in for pricing, etc., I will make the forms fit A4 size. I bet you can even buy that in America. 8.5 x 11" is annoying as hell.

2. 10 hours in van with customer wasting my time while they think about using the competitors we are visiting. You know, the ones we set up meetings with and planned out when we could have been doing our own products.  This is not a good time to claim that our QC service % is too high and that we really don't do anything. I was ready to walk away. He claimed I was "threatening him." WTF? You think its not a valuable service so I say, fine, I won't do it. That is not a threat but a promise, in fact. Does he think people should work for free?


Anonymous said...

He is scared you will drop him off at a city bus terminal. Screw the deal and tell the competitor what he said "About your Moma!". Let him naviagate the communication table, with a limp.

Sandy said...

Poor Red A :(

I'm not being facetious ~