Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Five dives, food, accommodation and transportation from Taichung to Green Island. Lots of fun!!, 8000nt.
Six days later I went to China medical to get my left ear sorted. After testing my options were A) A needle and meds. B) Meds, wait two weeks and then a needle if necessary.
I choose option (A). After the doc used a syringe to extract the fluid from my middle ear my hearing instantly returned.
Over the next ten days the eardrum was cloudy and occasionally clear. Now it is A-one.
This is the second time I have had fluid trapped in my middle ear. I was careful to take my time and equalize, on my way up and down.

On my next dive trip how can I prevent this "Barotrauma"? My ear doc agreed with my suggestion for decongestants. But I think we may have had a minor communication issue. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

stay out of the water

Sandy said...

cool pics kev!

Jerry said...

Get Suddafed it the best for divers,or get something sent from home ask someone to go to a dive school,under no circumstances just take any old med the Doc gives you then dive. Spk to Jo cooperman as well

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I will look for it before I dive again.