Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ponce de LeSmith

Chaon has recently declared war on us here at Nihowdy. Wow, nothing like an overweight, undersexed 7 foot goofball lining up his A&A pieces to take us down in a moment of Jihad. The interesting thing about his little pissing contest? In order to be a successful jihad, isn't it imperative that he die in the name of his atheism? And if he does indeed die in this endeavor, does that mean his wife is on the market for other lovers of ninja lesbians, like this ninja bunny?

*I must confess, I'm with him on the Tonka posts, but if we mention we're tired of them Willie will post more just out of spite. So keep posting Big John, they're really fascinating.

1 comment:

Karl said...

My numerous faults are legion. But... overweight?