Sunday, December 14, 2008

Griz v. Spiders

A special shout out to Dean-O, alias Mr. Bean, whose Richmond Spiders defeated Northern Iowa to advance to the finals of the FCS for the first time. They will be joined in Chattanooga, TN by the Montana Grizzlies for all the marbles. Some friends and I were contemplating the drive, but being as we have an afternoon final the day before, it just wasn't happening.

In other news, the temperature is holding steady at -7F today (about -22C), just cold enough for the old nose hairs to freeze up* after two seconds outdoors. Fortunately, I and a couple of friends spent the day in some hot springs (photo below) about an hour out of town. One is returning to Japan soon and wanted one last American experience. I was happy to oblige.

*this is also known as "ice snot"


mr.bean said...

Thanks Brett, We've upset 2 teams on the road heading into Tennessee on Friday. In the quarterfinals we crushed 3 time defending champ Appalachian St.who beat us in the semis last year. IJ and I were chatting about Spider football just yesterday and he mentioned he was going to post about the Spiders/Grizz final matchup. Looks like you beat him to it.

Sandy said...

I like the picture but here's what concerns me, "-7F today (about -22C)"
~ Good luck with finals:)

Anonymous said...

If it is under your shoe is that still called "ice snot?"