Thursday, December 04, 2008

Coalition Government

The Torries (G.O.P) received the largest percentage of the Canadian vote 40%. Their elected leader Steven Harper became the prime minister in October. The other three parties are upset with some "Camel straw-back tactics" and propose to take their combined total of the votes 60% ,and start a new government.
Holy Crap! The Bloc, separatists get a nice slice of pie. The NDP (commies) get 25%. The Liberals support their green man, Mr.Dion to become the new PM.
Exciting movements and race and gender were not an issue. Well the Torries were accused of attacking the rights of women. We don't have a "race card", we have a cultural anti-french card, but that is only because they want to break-up with us. Then again those threats have gotten them a lot of federal dollars.
Are the ministers going to pull us together or tear us apart?
"Opposition parties blasted the Tories for... using tumultuous times to try to push through ideologically-driven measures they said attacked women and public servants". ?? Economic issues??
Hmm public servants, what like public school teachers, or postal workers... Well not exactly Canada has 200 departments of bureaucrats and perhaps those offices are feeling the "Crunch of industry business failure, albeit through the long faces and paper cuts and noisy telephones".
There are a total of 308 seats. The Torries fell short of the 155 needed to have a majority government, able to efficiently push bills thru the house. With 77 Liberal MPs and 37 New Democrats, plus the support of 49 Bloc members(60 %) the three parties have more seats than the 143 held by the Tories. .

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This just in ......... ..... ...
Govenor General shuts down parliament until Jan 26th. So that Harper can (quickly?) at his leisure put together a plan to present a federal budget and hopefully win the confidence vote. This is the most excitement we've had in our country since New Brunswick declared there wouldn no longer be cheese curds in poutine! More to come....