Friday, December 05, 2008

Random Sentences put in an Incohesive Post

Kevlar is discussing politics? Maybe he can become the next Usher of the Black Rod (thus supplanting crazy Kenny).

Steven Harper is what we thought he was!!!

Went to Vegas over Thanksgiving Holiday....and surprisingly came back with more than I went with. I managed to hit four dueces on the flop of Triple Play poker, paying out about 1G (on a four dollar bet). That paid for the trip with room to spare. Looks like a good Xmas for the nieces and nephews.

Speaking of which...the boycott is ending early. Nobody else in the family is making the pilgrimage to Texas, meaning have my mother endure a long, lonely holiday or sucking up my pride and covering for my siblings (who covered me for ten years while I was overseas). Think I may parlay it into a trip to the Florida Keys, we shall see.

Finals blow ass. And if anyone ever thinks of forming a partnership here in the States, one word of advice: get someone else to do your taxes. Subchapter K (which covers Partnerships, LLCs and S corps) is without question the most confounding area of hell imaginable. Pass through entities suck. After taking a class specifically in the field of Partnership Tax for the past four months, I'm no further along in my understanding of it than I was after my simple Business Organization class. Final next Wednesday, updates to follow. Maybe I'll even post a question for our eager readers.

Steve Avery is in big trouble for using the term "sloppy seconds" in relation to his ex-girl's relationship with a current member of the Calgary Flames. Really? This is a suspendable offense in this day and age? How did this even get out? Did someone from the Flame locker room go running to the league saying "he called that sweet little blonde sloppy seconds, the big meany!" I understand Avery is a prick, a gnat and all kinds of bad things, but suspended? The interesting thing was that when Zidane headbutted that dude for badmouthing his sister, everyone was on the Italian's side saying "get over it, it's sports." Memo to Calgary: GET OVER IT.

And finally, how dumb is Plaxico Burress?


Hannibal said...

Since Sean Avery dated Rachel Hunter, does that mean he had Rod Stewart's sloppy seconds?

Where is D-Wayne these days?

P.I.M.P said...

NY Giants reciever Plaxico Burress shot himself in the right thigh while at a Manhattan nightclub early Saturday morning. When asked what happened he replied "I wanted to end my career with a BANG!"

Rye said...

Avery's comment may have been distasteful but hardly suspension worthy, eh?