Saturday, December 06, 2008

Tech will not be going to a BCS bowl game despite being ranked #7 by the BCS. The BCS guarantees a meeting of #1 and #2, but for the remaining four BCS bowls, conference champs get bids. So, we have #13 Cincinnati and #18 B.C. in the Orange Bowl. Tech will be in the Cotton Bowl against Ole Miss, which is not in the BCS Top 25 (they are 22 in the AP, though). Tech will get to play in Dallas, which will make it much more convenient for fans to attend. But why not match us up with #8, Penn State? The BCS goes to lots of trouble to pair up their numbers 1 and 2, why not do it for the rest of the Top Ten? Yes, I am a Tech partisan, but I would rather see Tech play in a bowl commensurate with their ranking than getting a handout. I would feel like they just hadn't earned it. Teams that had finished in the Top Ten should get the benefits of exposure from being in a BCS bowl game. Only Tech and #9 Boise State will not be in a BCS game. Boise will be in the Humanitarian Bowl.

On the brighter side, Tech has offered Coach Leach a new contract proposal including a raise and 3-year extension, running through 2013. With Washington and Auburn apparently looking elsewhere for coaches, this is good news. Especially when considering that Coach Leach loves the Hub City, wants to stay, wants a fair contract and didn't want to wait until the season was over to work out a deal. Well, AD Gerald Myers got it to him, though maybe not as quickly as a lot of Tech fans would have liked.

Equally bright, potentially brighter, cleaner and more sanitary, is the news of Tech researcher, Seshadri Ramkumar, who supervises the Nonwovens and Advanced Materials Laboratory at Texas Tech, who has developed a decontamination wipe designed by researchers at The Institute of Environmental and Human Health (TIEHH) at Texas Tech University which has proven itself the best for cleaning up chemical warfare agents and toxic chemicals.

The evaluation of the nonwoven dry wipe product, called Fibertect was performed as part of a study by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory using mustard gas and other toxic chemicals. Researchers found that the Texas Tech-created product out-performed 30 different decontamination materials, including materials currently used in military decontamination kits.

The Tech Athletic Department has a rush order in for a gross of cases to decontaminate the football uniforms after getting the kee-rap beat out of them in Norman.

But...Fibertect? Come on! I've never drunk Taterade or Gamerade, but I have drunk Gatorade. This is a no-brainer. It's gotta be FiberTech, dammit!

But even Fibertect is better than the captioning of the picture in the wipe link.

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