Sunday, December 28, 2008

Finga's Pie

Season's Greetings

The inlaws came to my house Christmas Eve. I knew they were bringing the turkeybird. I went to Jason's, Capitian'ns (yumahu) and Sinnon. Getting vegetables, looking for cranberry jelly, and stove top stuffing.

After failing I hit Finga's for this 480nt$ eight inch apple pie. It was tasty, but pricey. Then to a supermarket for wine, vodka, lime mix.

The odd thing was that I wanted Bailey's, vanilla ice cream and apple pie. I got carried away with having Christmas day off.
The pie was gone quickly. The leftover bird bits went in the steamer, on a plate with veggies and a little gravy. J-hole once mentioned the steam cooking. The steam really rejuvenates the meal. Why did i ever put meat in a microwave?Today I am gonna attempt Turkey Soup.Don't worry I won't be posting pics.


Red A said...

Costco was selling pumpkin pies, but I forget how much they cost.

mr.bean said...

Bought the only pie crusts I could find in Taichung at Fingas. At 80 NT $ each, they were way overpriced. Made 4 pies at about a cost of 120 NT/each, inc. apples, sugar & spices. The pies are actually quite easy to make. It's only the peeling that takes time. Oh yeah, while mine weren't as pretty as the one in your picture, they sure tasted mighty fine.
IJ says they sell huge apple pies at COSTCO really cheaply.

Anonymous said...

Jason's had a boxed betty crocker kinda pie dough mix for 90nt and cans of filling for 120.
I should go get a costco card. I think Mr.Bean has a good system.

J-hole said...

That would be pumpkin pies, Mr. Bean.