Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tampa Radio Broadcast

It's Friday Night, and I just heard this on the radio:

Rays Announcer: I'm here with Hulk Hogan.

Hulk: When I slammed Andrea the Giant in 1995 brother everyone went crazy. It's gonna be the same brother, we're gonna kick ass like I did. We got the original Ray hawk, we're gonna have to create a U hawk for me brother. It's gonna be like Wrestlemania, brother!!!

Announcer: Hulk --

Hulk: We're not cocky like the Boston fans. We know we're the best. We don't need to talk about it! I've been a fan for a long time. When I started coming to these games in the Division series, brother, I knew it was gonna get big brother! I'm gonna be on the bottom of the pile when they win this thing brother! I'm gonna be on the field! Rays Nation has been built over three years brother!

Announcer: Back to the booth.

Booth Announcer: I wasn't going to cut him off.
Color guy: Me either.

Gotta love baseball in America...


Anonymous said...

I hope the Ray-faithful aren't all as 'enthusiastic' as the great Hulkster in calling out the Sox. He does make a valid point by stating that the Ray fans are not as cocky as Sox fans; although commenting immediately after that they are the best...a bit of a contradiction, no?


Karl said...

Tampa has a baseball team?

Bread said...

tsk tsk ponce. you'll be on the bandwagon soon enough.

Karl said...

Right about the time my testicles drop off and I start wearing evening gowns.