Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Random thoughts

a.j.'s gout remedy (white wine, really?)

kevin sandbagging a boat and winning 5NT


the smell of ponce's house after a night a night of AC and cards

stoney being stoned and wondering where all his money went (i'm not comin', i always lose man!)

beating dean and john with a straight flush, 8-Q of diamonds

brit brett struggling through the english language, arriving after everyone has lost their money and calling five card stud, which i never won

a.j.'s floor and kevlar's table (black and red version)

j-hole and myself fighting over the finer points of 727, perhaps the dumbest game known to mankind. we had many meaningless arguments...

red A telling me he quit smoking and then proceeding to smoke my entire pack of 7 lights

me folding on a royal flush because i simply couldn't comprehend the amount of wild cards in the random canadian style poker game (7s and 8s, really?)

that final night of Murder at my house and the $12000 NT pot that went with it (floating my boat on a two of clubs, the lowest card in the deck)

the birks that i'm still wearing from winnings i took when i revisited taiwan

red A rubbing his hands and telling kevlar "it's only money" after red A had folded ten minutes previously

ann's big eyes when she collected my money-- the only night we allowed her near the table

mushroom nachos (what was i thinking?)

retro night at the pit

spending the evening's winnings on tepanyaki (or however the hell you spell that)

learning my lesson and buying red A a pack of 7 lights on my way to the pit

cleaning up after all you sorry bastards left

dothead paul coming at me after i wiped my ass with his jacket (thinking it was john's).

i'm guessing it would be worthwhile to revisit taiwan simply for a game of poker.


Anonymous said...

CROSS! I grind my teeth, and inhale. Poker just ain't gonna .!
You forgot all those SICK debriefings at 7-11, just to move the venue up, and out, and over. Cause it became too late to scout around and too noisy to sleep.

Bread said...

i forgot lots in the list, was hoping you would all add more. made me laugh to write it out though. like red a sending us off to palawan with a kirin outside the 7 by your house.

Rye said...

Karl's birthday party at Kevlar's apt., complete with wife sponsored peeler, cameras, lap dances and a naked Karl...

and I think that's the night Kevlar premiered the Philippines Expedition Leo DiCaprio Tee Ass Wipe Video to the crowd.

The only thing funnier was when Bread mistakenly crotch flossed DH Paul's leather jacket later on.