Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Special Welcome" Part I

On Monday, a Chinese official visiting Taiwan in his role as a professor attending a mass comm symposium was interrupted by protesters and given a "special welcome."
According to the Taipei Times, the protester is a grad student who was born in the US, but came to Taiwan eight years ago to study the Taiwanese language and culture.
According to his spelling, he needs to switch a few of those Taiwanese classes for some remedial English courses.
Also check out the expression of the gent to the left of the protester.


Red A said...

If he was wearing an Idaho hat, I'd swear he looks like a Taiwanese version of Frenchie.

Anonymous said...

Where is Frenchie? I don't see him on line, I haven't heard from him, perhaps we should start a rumor he is locked up.

J-hole said...

How about "knocked up?"