Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Red A Update

My daughter has bronchial pneumonia, so she's been staying in the hospital for the last week. (Cheng Ching hospital on Chung Gang on the way to Dong Hai, which I highly recommend for children - Dr. Hu is a great pediatrician.)

Its actually not as scary as it sounds, but they like to keep kids under six for monitoring when they have serious respiratory illnesses and fevers. How sick can your kid be when it takes FIVE people to hold her down to get the IV drip in.

The hospital had no rooms at first, so we had to wait about half a day, and then we got the VIP room with the extra bed, couches, kitchenette, and private bathroom. Our private insurance just covers the cost, and its the best room on the floor.

She should be coming home this week, latest on Friday.


mr. bean said...

Sorry to hear that. Hope she recovers quickly.

Rye said...

Hope Fiona's feeling better.