Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Review For Deano

Strange how this post fits in with the previous few. While Matt Stairs was hitting that shot in LA, I was hanging out in State College, PA...home of the 3rd ranked, undefeated Lions. I was back in PA for an appraisal class/visit with the folks, that happened to coincide with a (Grateful) Dead reunion concert with the Allman Bros opening up. The last time I saw the Dead was 1984 & the Allmans was a few years before that. A few observations from the show:

Arenas at Dead concerts still smell like 1,000 simutaneously fired-up joints. Bic lighters have been replaced by glow sticks. Tie-dye apparently will never die. Dudes still wear doo rags & the girls still wear sun dresses. The scraggly haired, sun dress look was much sexier on the skinny 22 year old girls of 1984 then it is on their more robust contemporaries. Countless grey ponytails. Older Deadheads have swollen bellies and swollen prostates...the concession/bathroom lines were ridiculous. Seeing four 50 something, tie-dyed people get out of a BMW is a bit off. Seeing a family of four tie-dyed folks roll out of a VW was spot on.

If you can imagine Bruce Dern lost in the jungle for 4 months, then you can picture Bob Weir...fortunately his voice is still there. Phil Lesh sings a lot more these days and sounds good. The drumming is still amazing. We moved to a spot right behind/above the drum riser and took it all in from there. The highlight of the night was the Allmans encore performance of "Whipping Post." They had 3 drummers who just hammered them for 2 hours and Derek Trucks on guitar. No Bruce Hornsby. Not the best show they've ever done, but pretty decent. Closed with excellent version of "Not Fade Away." They may be touring next year...worth the price of admission.

The Phillies get in the playoffs once every 15 years or so. I'll get to see the rest of this series, but leave Sunday for a few weeks in Colombia. Will probably miss most of the world series. At least the Cowboys are imploding...there's always a silver lining!


P.I.M.P said...

I think the last time the Phillies were in the world series it was probably one of the best ever!

I couldn't agree with you more about the cowboys, but what the hell are you doing at a greatful dead concert in 2008? I saw the Cure,i admit, but I won the tickets!

Now that we have found Hannibal, where oh where is Frenchie?

Bread said...

best ever? if you like no pitching and a team from canuckistan i guess you might say that.

mr. bean said...

Thanks Jim, I would like to have caught one of those shows. Warren Haynes has played off & on with Phil for a while now so I knew that with this double bill he would be on stage for the whole night. Nice comments on the audience. My friend's rundown:

I just got back from Penn State....... Allman's played for about 2 hrs. Then.........

The Dead w/ Warren:
Truckin - U.S.Blues - Help,Slip,Franklin's - Playin' - Dark Star - St. Stephen - Eleven - Unbroken Chain (Warren tore it up !)
Other One - Throwing Stones - Playin'
Encores- Touch of Grey- Not Fade Away

Ryan, It's not the Grateful Dead, it's The Dead. GD went down when we lost Jerry.
Goooooooooo Rays Baby !!!!!!!

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