Monday, October 13, 2008

I watched the OU vs. UT game yesterday at Fubar. Sorry for the late post, but if you saw it you should have come out. It was a great game. Three and a half hours of everything: big plays, stupid plays, lots of points, bad calls, lead changes and perhaps the biggest surprise, Bret Musburger stating the obvious truth that is usually glossed over on network coverage. And he did it not once, but twice.

One instance was when Colt McCoy was being chased out of bounds and a defender very lightly placed his hands upon Colt's person. One hand was clutching the back of his jersey near the neck and the other was in front around the stomach also apparently clutching some jersey. It appeared that he was trying to help Colt remain standing but Colt had other ideas. Colt must have thought the defender was carrying tasers and he was in for a tasering because Colt blasted forward, tumbling onto the ground like he was blasted by Black Lightning. McCoy got the ref to throw a flag for a personal foul that put the Longhorns deep in Sooner territory.

Musburger (my recollection): The refs are going to have to start issuing yellow cards after a dive like that.

The second instance was a roughing the kicker penalty against UT that resulted in a Sooner first down. The UT defender lightly grazed the punter - a piece of jersey flailed the punter's knee. Of course the punter went down immediately. Looking up while on all fours, after a couple of seconds the punter remembers the scene is not over and grabs his knee, cringes, rolls around until the ref signals the end of the act with a flag.

Musburger (again, my recollection): The punter should get the Heisman Award for Acting after that performance.

Congrats Brett and UT. Yall have another tough one next week. Meanwhile, my Red Raiders are savoring their pit stop in the Top 10.

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