Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Greatest Thing You Could Imagine?

Gotta love Canuckistanis. After Matt Stairs (of New Brunswick) hit the eventual game winning homer in last night's heated contest between Philly and LA, the press asked him if this was the greatest thing he could imagine. His response: Well, I've always dreamed of scoring on a breakaway. Not a breakaway in the Cup Finals or a game 7 in the conference finals. Just a breakaway. Hmmm, game winning homer in the LCS or a breakaway goal in the fifteenth game of the regular season in a heated game between the Atlanta Thrashers and the Tampa Bay Lightening.....

In other news, both the TTech and UT are unbeaten still. Let's hope it holds up until they meet in Lubbock in a few weeks. UT has a tough one against Mizzou While TTech gets a wounded fAggie team.

Finally, today will determine if the Canuckistanis give Bush-Lite a shot at a majority government. How are those Kyoto agreements working out again?


Anonymous said...


What are you doing in Colombia?

Anonymous said...

You leave the Canucks alone Bread, although, the start of the 2008-09 NHL season might very well have been on Mr. Stairs' mind while he was making his post-game speech. Regardless of his comments, he hit that ball a ton.
Are there any Yanks even playing on the remaining 3 teams? I guess you do have Carl Crawford, but I guess you gotta give the OGs a chance, don't you?
As for the Dodgers exit, I'm sure no one can contest Manny's impact on the game. I have never seen such a hitting display in all of my 30yrs. Can anyone shout out a player that has struck fear in the hearts of an opposing team like ManRam has?
Perhaps Bonds had it, perhaps Pujols has it, but Manny truly demonstrates that hitting indeed, is an art. Regardless of his pompous attitude, as a recent SI article stated: "Manny acts like a kid who acts like he is the best on the block, but in actuality is that best kid."
Let's go T-BAY!