Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Taiwan Dentistry

I visited the Dentist today to get my teeth cleaned.

NT$ 50 with your health card - and the dentist was Australian trained.

Apparently if you don't get your teeth cleaned in 10 years or so, you build up a lot of "calculus" i.e. crap on your teeth.

I recommend my new dentist, Dr. Eric Huang. He speaks English and his office is modern and clean. They have a cool X-Ray machine, too.

Chien Hua Dental Clinic
No. 258, Sec. 2 Hsitun Rd., Taichung
Tel: 2708-1188

And unlike at the doctor's you can make an appointment and not just wait in line for your number.

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My Wish (MW) said...

Going to the dentist isn't always fun but it tolerable for me because my sis is my dentist. And she is really good.