Thursday, June 04, 2009


Aaron is leaving like air out of a balloon.

I'm removing red ink from pens the traditional way.

Saturday, mini golf location, starting around 8:30. There is a plan to sell beer on site.

I made it out to PJ's on Tuesday to wish Brit Paul a Happy Birthday. I may be attending poker on Saturday, and if need be, i will go to church on Sunday.

People that should crash this gathering: Aaron,AJ,John,John,Karl

Perhaps I should just forget about making a shout out. I could just attend the regular afterwork meeting at the Mom and Pops.


Anonymous said...

Karl is going to a masquerade party on Saturday night.

I may be able to make it...John, get your wife to go to the concert with my wife and we can kill two birds with one stone.

Red A

Karl said...

I *might* go to a masquerade party Saturday night. Depends on if I can find the right shade of lipstick.

Verification: allit
"How much you gonna bet?"

Anonymous said...

If it is truly Aaron's last dance then I'll make room on my dance card for him. What's the word Aaron, you bringing your dancing shoes or are you locked into some other gig with the wife?

Mr. Bean said...

So, what am I, "chopped liver" ? I'm up for beers anywhere. Would even sit around a smokey poker table to have some farewell brews with Red A. I personally prefer hangin' outdoors at the mini golf, as long as there ain't no typhoon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Dino my bad.
I got a text to play cards, that is the location, I was told they were looking for people to buy their cheap beer.
I did think of you, I had just never seen you play cards. Come out and splash the cash.
Aaron might throw out the lines
"It is only money." OR "Stacks of Gold" OR perhaps "My beer taste better because I bought it with a Canadian's money."

Anonymous said...

OK, My wife cannot find IJ's wife, so I am stuck going to a Taiwanese golden oldies concert.

No poker for me. Sorry.

However, I am not leaving Taiwan forever, just for 3 months, so its no big deal.

Red A

Mr.Bean said...

Red, We'll be in the Bay Area for 5 days, late July, early August. Maybe we can drink some beer ? How can I get a hold of you over there ? Call me here in Taiwan b4 you go. I lost a bunch of #'s, including yours.

Anonymous said...

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