Monday, June 08, 2009

Poker Report

Lower Spades,
Bigger boats,
Higher rushes,

Night life
It's all right
No big pussies

table two
11 shoe
no Aaron

* Big and pretty hand, "200 hold'em", Angus plays four tens.

* Most painful has to go to Jeff, "In Betwen" J went for whole pot of 1800, hit the post and added 3600 to the pot (Pot quickly whisked away by a Texas tornando).

* Surprised. "5 card draw,2 draws of 2, 5's wild,max 100" after taking 2 draws of 2, Drunken Danger Dave beat my beautiful Ace high staight with 4 of a kind, he had 3 wild fives. (boo hiss)

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