Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Southern Command: Mom and Pop's

For the most part, we have moved from the Fairies - on the corner of Carbon and Monoxide, as Dean puts it - to a Mom and Pop store. Even cheaper Gold Medal beer. As you can see, they are well-stocked and awaiting the apocalypse or the commie invasion.

Secure meeting area with table.

Beverage case to heaven.

This meeting table comes supplied with everything.


Karl said...

Address or directions?

Red A said...


Anonymous said...

Mighty helpful suggestions there... Aj

Anonymous said...

from daye and da dun. go towards carrefour, take the first right (fruit market on corner). go 2 blocks.3rd? storefront. place is on the right hand side. across from Amy'Shop, a tea shop.(white and blue awning