Saturday, August 02, 2008

Public Service Announcement

I've been buying cases of Kirin at Costco. Great price of about NT$ 27 per beer. These are the normal Kirins in the white cans.

Well, last night I noticed that my "normal" Kirin which were always made in Japan are now brewed in China. I have not checked 7-11 to see if they too have switched in the China-brewed Kirins or not. I know I am probably the only one who is anal about this stuff, but made in China big brand beers often lose their flavor and alcohol content.

The China Kirin tasted okay and the alchol content still said 5.5% so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I think this may actually be brewed to replicate the old Kirin for the Taiwan market because I am pretty damn sure the Kirin I have in China is the usual doppelganger of every other beer made in China - poor tasting, overly carbonated, and with low alcohol levels. Okay, Old Kingway and Carlsberg do actually have some flavor. Heineken does too, but I hate it regardless of where its made.

And I don't blame the beer companies. China is a vast market for beer, but the consumers there buy on price, not quality. Maybe the world-wide increase in food prices gave Kirin no choice. but to bring in the China-brewed beer. Though, Kirin, which to me was a premium beer because it was made in Japan and had a distinctive taste, at least was wise enough to try to maintain some flavor and alcohol content.

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Rye said...

Look for the sideways serial number on 7-11/OK/FM kirins...
Beginning with a 6, made in China
beginning with a 4, down home japanese goodness...