Monday, August 04, 2008


A couple walks past a sign in Beijing listing prohibited items. I'm guessing it's near the entrance to a some sort of public transportation, probably a subway, based on the 站 character in the red box. With the help of my Chinese teacher, here are some highlights. China uses different phrasing for many things, so for some items, we used our best guess.
1. gas, butane canisters, gas canisters, easily flammable things.
2. dynamite, explosive devices, triggering devices, detonators, bottle rockets, fireworks, anti-tank mine/grenade?, land mine models?, hand grenades, ???, bullets and things that explode easily
3. pesticide/herbicide?, ???, toxic chemicals
4. sulphuric acid, ???, hydrochloric acid, corrosive agents
5. guns, homemade guns, ??? guns, toy guns, gun-style cigarette lighters, restricted-sales knives, daggers, folding knives and switchblades.

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