Sunday, June 03, 2007

Talking With Kevlar Special Edition

Sometime in late May, Somewhere in Ryan's House

Bread: I have to call my mother today.
Kevlar: Would that be your birth mother?
Bread sits in stunned silence
Rye: What other mother would he be calling?
Kevlar: Well, he might be calling his stepmother, I don't know!
Bread: If I was calling my stepmother, I would say I am calling my stepmother. Or I might say I am calling Sue (her given name). I don't typically call the woman who married my father the same thing as the woman who birthed me.
Kevlar: Well I don't know that because my parents are still together.
Bread: Ok.
Kevlar: How am I supposed to know the difference?
Rye: Don't worry Kevlar.
Bread: Anyhow, my father is out of town this week, so I won't be calling that house.
Kevlar: Would that be your birth father?
Rye and Bread: AAAAAHHH!

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My Wish (MW) said...

Kev just has an inquisitive mind, that's all. Very inquisitive.