Thursday, May 13, 2010

Various Shite

A) Hearsay on the Deep Purple concert I avoided:

1) J-hole got drunk and fell down twice in Taipei.
2) A photo exists of Dean in a compromising position in a Hooters...somebody post it.

B) Of all the Chinese accents, the most incomprehensible to me is the Hunan accent. I pretty much can guess who is from Hunan just by gasping the fact that I have no idea what the person is saying. and they say "FuNan" which is sort of the opposite of Taiwanese who pronounce F's like H's sometime...

C) I have decided that Taiwan has the best inexpensive "lunch box" style meals in Greater China, Hong Kong the worst.

D) Chinese supermarkets have improved a lot. I actually saw food I would eat there. Even the bread looked edible. Snicker's bars now available as well. They were also selling frozen pizza, including a Taiwanese style pizza...That would involve corn I assume.

E) Back in Taiwan - started drinking straight from the airport to Fubar. Ugggggh. Rough week-end that has now transitioned to a rough week.

F) Does anyone know if you can buy silver coins in Taiwan? I know they sell gold stuff, but the only price I found for silver coins from Bank of Taiwan were really expensive.

Sorry for the dumb ass nature of this post...

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Anonymous said...

It is hard to get a store to stock silver of any kind because they say there is not enough profit in it. Thus silver products are usually priced very high; there is an expensive premium.