Thursday, May 06, 2010


If I remember correctly, Dean-O's old man played for Tottenham back in the day. They have recently qualified for Champions League play for the first time since the 1960's. Kudos to them. Though I've been an Everton supporter in honor of Bald Titty and their American keeper Tim Howard, I might just pull the dreaded P.J. double fandom for next year's Premiership. I'll lift one vodka-cran for you and your late father tonight Dean, congrats.

In other news, I was sworn in as an attorney for the State of Montana yesterday. I received my results and found out my scores were solid enough to qualify me to waive into Minnesota and North Dakota, as well as the District of Columbia. That's kind of neat considering Montana lacks reciprocity with any state (only Minnesota and ND allow you to waive in based on bar results from Montana). Kudos to me.

Spent the month of April kicking it with Jim. We attended several Rockies games and even managed to squeeze in an Astros - Phillies game on the boob tube. Good times in Denver (which is just a few short hours from Lubbock, J-Hole). Now I'm back in Montana and contemplating my next move. I'll keep checking gas lines while determining exactly where I want to end up. Are there attorney positions in Palau available to American lawyers?

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mr. bean said...

Thanks Brett. The Spurs have played well this year. Everton, while starting off very slowly, played great football for the last 20 odd games.