Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sign of the Times

Yahoo Finance is usually a place of boring investment advice via Suze Orman, or that Japanese dude who somehow was catapulted to financial advice stardom from his unfathomable Rich Dad Poor Dad book.

Today, we see something a bit more exotic.

How To Profit From the Sovereign Debt Crisis

They include such ideas as shorting the Japanese Yen, getting out of Treasuries, and buying Gold.

Now, nothing against trying some of these can also short the S&P (ticker: SDS) or whatever.

But these are getting a bit beyond "Buy index funds and hunker down" or "Choose quality stocks."

You are betting against governments. You know, the people with the guns and the printing presses.

Still, it says something when average people who see their money sitting at zero percent in their bank have to consider such ballsy schemes to get some return. And inflation may happen which means you really do have to consider that, if you are on fixed income.

I can only suspect that within a few months, the Yahoo Finance Page will be debating the merits of different brands of rifles and where ammo can still be bought.

The precious metals...Gold....Silver...Lead?

p.s. If the Gold Bugs win...oh man will that suck. Yes, I did buy some Silver - Canadian Maple Leafs in fact. But Gold Bugs are insufferable.

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Karl said...

Buy farmland.