Thursday, December 10, 2009

What I did at the Airport this Trip

On the way out, in Hong Kong airport, two mainland Chinese cut in front of me (and many other people) in the immigration line. You know, the arrival line that has miles of roped areas to form a perfect, snaking line.

I let the first youngster do this, but next it was Grandma. Then I spoke up and told them off.

"Don't cut in line. This is an international airport and everyone has to stand in line. Please don't let the Chinese people lose face like this."

They were suitably embarrassed and I hope the HK airport staff figure out that this is really their job, not some job for slightly-buzzed good Samaritans to be doing.

So, guess what happens when I arrive back at Taipei airport?

Sure enough, again two Chinese cut in front of me. (Why do they try this in pairs?)

I did an encore performance. (Maybe did not mention the losing of Chinese face this time - that is a pretty harsh thing to drop - I am sure those folks had nightmare where Confucius, Mao, andHu Jin-Tao visit them as the Ghosts of Chinese Face.)

The Taiwanese hall monitor then stepped up and corralled the Chinese mustangs back to the rear of the line.

I encourage everyone to speak up and stop this sort of activity whenever you see it. The airport in Taipei was packed to the gills with Chinese tourists and so was Hong Kong. Best to nip this in the bud before you are fighting for your place in line with half of Guangzhou.

Also, its fun to watch them freak out when someone calls them on their line-cutting. These people can afford the plane ticket - they ain't peasants who just fell off the cabbage wagon.


Karl said...

"they ain't peasants who just fell off the cabbage wagon."

Au contraire, mon ami. They are from China, so they most certainly are plucking metaphorical cabbage leaves from their allegorical Mao suits.

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"Was bringwa mit?"

Red A said...

Well, the youngsters were under 20, I'd say. Max of 25.

I bet they don't even know how hard their parents worked to embezzle enough money as a a party member to allow their kids the opportunity to cut in front of people at the airport.

Esquire Willy said...

C it all the time.... I usually just go get in from of them. And you should c the looks I get.

the_nun said...

Ni How!

It is great that you intervened, I hope I will have the courage to do that in the future...I am such a chicken and I got cut all the time in the airport, bus stop, night market stands, etc.

Are you currently in Taichung? I was wondering if I can bring my European friend to some of the Americans or Europeans club/organizations but lack of resources... do you have any suggestions!

Xie Xie Ni

Anna Chang

Anonymous said...

REd A, if you are taking off Thursday... I suppose you will be running around.. no, I haven't seen the Fb suitcase pic.
MAybe Fubar?

Red A said...

FUBAR - tomorrow night. (Wednesday)

Final appearance of the Red A before his 2 month North American tour.

I will be there EARLY - and hopefully can stay LATE.

Anna Chang - Fubar is a great place for people to meet...lots of Europeans and North Americans. If your friends want more "European" maybe someone else has a suggestion?

Karl said...

If the weather this morning is any indicator, it will be cold as hell at Fubar tonight. Somebody better be ready to cuddle me.