Saturday, December 19, 2009

Griz Update

After coming from 27 behind in Round 1, winning 51-0 in Round 2, and playing the game of the year (for any level) in the snows of Missoula in Round 3, the Griz fell two points short on Friday night, falling to Villanova 23-21. After squandering an early 14-3 lead, the boys were simply outclassed in the second half, ruining my chance at the rare double alma mater football championship. Alas.

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mr. bean said...

Sorry to hear you guys have fallen in the Big Game in successive seasons. I Guess Tennessee isn't your place to play.
I remember seeing a pic of some Grizz fans in the stadium in Tennessee last year with some sign that read "We drove 1,500 miles to watch our GRIZZ STOMP on the TINY SPIDERS"................Must have been a LOOOOOONG drive back to Big Sky country for those guys. I hope they didn't roadtrip again this past weekend.