Thursday, October 01, 2009

Right in my Backyard!

Opened the newspaper this morning.
Bob Dylan is coming to Kitchener, Ontario.
I'm pretty pumped. Tickets go on Sale Friday.

I went to the Bob Dylan web page, pre-order. I'm now sitting with four tickets!

I have only started to get into Dylan recently. Deano passed on the album Modern Times which I think is pretty good. One thing led to another and I now have several Dylan albums on the ipod including highway 61 rev, Time out of Mind (produced by Lanois) and of course Biograph 1995. I'm really into the Dylan Blues!

When MJ died, I wasn't really all that upset. But I do believe he was one of the most influential artists of our time. I believe the same of Dylan and can't wait to see him in my backyard.


mr.bean said...

Damn, I miss live music. Especially GOOD live music. My friends saw the summer tour Bob did with Willie & John Mellencamp. They were touring small Single A ballparks, each doing about an hour and a half sets. Said all 3 acts were real sweet. One thing about Dylan, he makes a point of getting to some real off-the- beaten-path places for his shows. He plays cause he loves it, for people who would probably never have a chance to get to a big city to see him.
Supposedly his newest album (name ?) is really good. Rye, have you heard it? I haven't.
We do have Guns 'N Roses coming in December (if they don't cancel).
Enjoy the show.
Hope all is well........Mr. Bean

Bread said...

hwy 61 many times did i hear desolation row at pjs old place on the canal? i'll guess oodles...b

Anonymous said...

Dylan's new one - Together Through Life - yes is good but not Modern Times or Time Out of Mind good...

sounding more crotchedy on this one.

Pimp - - check out Blood On The Tracks, John Wesley Harding, Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid sndtk...

the live reissues kick ass too..

have fun at the show..