Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Funeral Update

I am only doing this because I need closure. I know, its boring and creepy.

Last night they erected a massive tent outside the normal funeral area, blocking half the street. (This is right next to my local 7-11, which is maybe why I am paying such close attention.)

Today the professional monks came and did their chanting and bell ringing. Very nice.

It should be over soon. The stacks of Mr. Brown Coffee and Heysong are on the tables.

I asked some coworkers about the length of these things, and they said its due to choosing an auspicious date. So maybe that's why it is an especially long funeral. You get a long dry spell of bad days and they have to hold off on the ceremonies.

Now, my wife chose a C-section birth for our child because that way the date of birth would be certain to be an auspicious date rather than taking your chances with a natural birth.

I wonder if elective euthanasia would become popular with Chinese culture for similar reasons?


Bread said...

i know my ex put rented a refrigerator and stowed grandma until she could be buried. it was like 15 days after the actual death date. however, there was no intermittent chanting. granted they were simple country folk...

elective euthanasia....i'm thinking we have a captive market. couple that with the pecker molds from japan and you may be on to something.

Anonymous said...

Red A is too busy to drink coffee during the day.
I'm waiting to see his big smile.

hey Red, I got a beer got that makes yours look like babe fat.

Anonymous said...

Its now day 3 of the big tent. The 7-11 is overrun with mourners and monks. If it lasts till Sat. it will have been 3 weeks plus.

Red A.