Monday, October 05, 2009

A day off

Been busy recently writing country songs for a Paint Your Wagon-inspired Taiwanese musical. But, now I have a bit more free time to clean out all my notes and clippings from the papers that have been stuffing the storage area in my scooter. Writing songs is a time-consuming and thirsty business. However, it's never too time intensive to stop reading The China Post - for even one day!

Why, just this Saturday, there was an unattributed photo and mini article on Crocs-style plastic sandals ( The article has since been traced to the Consumers' Foundation in Taiwan). An article so important that it might just save our own Esquire's Willie. 40% of the Crocs rip-offs contain excessive plasticizers which may lead to infertility and feminization in boys. As for all your latex product purchase, quality does matter.

Brands that contain some unsafe models are: Rooster, Ja Her Fang and RegentA. Shoes from Crocs, Adidas and Sparkle are okay, though I suspect Sparkle doesn't need the extra plasticizers to get Little Jimmy started on Sea Breezes.

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How do you know an article is worth reading? Five words - The China Post news staff. Not only did the article's title Drunken husband kills virago wife send me to the dictionary, but the staff furthered my education in unbiased, objective reporting: The wife was a heavy shrew. Well, of course. It's on her ID card. Mrs. Lin burst into the dining room, shouting at her midget husband for drinking too much.
If you will excuse me now, I am off for coffee and The China Post.


Karl said...

I thought "virago" was synonymous with "wife".

Anonymous said...

J-hole, I am back in town. How can we hook up for some beers?


Karl said...

Red A, go to Mom & Pop's right now. He's probably there.