Thursday, August 20, 2009

God Damn Squirrel

My rental house has a nice peach tree in the back.

There are a lot of peaches this season, and I have been watching them ripen up.

Then, when they finally get ripe, some god damn squirrel comes over and eats a bite or two out of each peach and leaves them to rot. The tree is full of yellow peaches with the red and orange ones on the ground with a chunk off them.

So now I have to pick them a little less than ripe to beat the squirrels.

If I were a Texan I would shoot the squirrel's and eat the peaches in squirrel pie form.

IJ, how do I BBQ squirrel?


Anonymous said...

use a blow gun. asian style. b

mr. bean said...

Not to hijack the post but........
World Youth Baseball 2009 Tourney is in Taichung. We stole hosting it from Venezuela. Semis today: US/Mexico
& Cuba/Venez. Winners meet on Sunday. All games at the new stadium. Can you say "ballpark anyone ?"