Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Edamame Fever

Edamame is now a trendy health food item in the USA. Apparently this is a young soybean and is called 毛豆; pinyin: máodòu in Chinese.

The best edamame product I have found is edamame hummus at Trader Joe's. The stuff tastes great and reminds me of guacamole.

Maybe the J-hole or Karl can give it a try to make his own in Taiwan.

Here is a recipe.

DISCLAIMER FOR J-HOLE: YES, I REALIZE IT IS NOT GUACAMOLE, AND NOTHING CAN REPLACE GUACAMOLE. But maybe if you don't have any avocados or want to try something different it would work.

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Karl said...

Might as well give it a shot. I was in Costco yesterday and they were out of avocados. And tomatoes. And spinach.