Tuesday, August 11, 2009

America so far

Fridge is full of microbrew AND coors light, in case Karl pops in.

Microbrew runs about 7.99 a six pack.
Coors light 30 pack is 19.92 at Costco.

AT&T Uverse offers me phone, internet (15 mps) and TV for US$ 160 / month, including two Taiwanese channels...you know, to keep it real. This set-up includes DVR and video on demand - I think Taiwan is really behind in this area. Well, when you have one cable company what do you expect. Cable companies, a term I use loosely to include anybody running lines into your house, always suck, and when you have 3-4 to play against each other, at least they have to offer actual service once in a while.

Taiwanese family members universally agree that Pizza is better in the US. So far, the winner is Mountain Mikes.

IKEA got most of my furniture dollars and I enjoyed learning how they assemble stuff. I only blew assembly on one bookshelf - ironically after assembling everything else. Problem solved with spray paint.

Wife is actually cooking. She likes the dishwasher. Grapes and peaches in our yard. Local eating. Squirrels, too, but we're not Texans via Arkansas.

Parking. Curteous drivers. (Passed my driver's test 100/100 for the reinstatement of a 17 years old license.) Grandma to help babysit. Steak on the barbecue. Two fridges, one full of beer.

OK....so its been good so far. Here are some of the cons I have seen:

1. Costco food court. Taichung Coscto DESTROYS USA Costco in seating and condiment availability - no sauerkraut here, and only one hot dog station.

2. On average, Taiwan's government agencies are far more efficient than California's. Possible exception in the revenue department. 8.75% sales tax. Yet, our State is broke. Go figure.

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