Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Taiwan makes FARK

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May 13, 2009 01:40pm

A TAIWAN carpenter bought a porn DVD only to find secretly taped motel footage of his wife having sex with his friend, whom the husband later stabbed.

The husband, identified only by his surname Lee, discovered the illicit sex on the DVD in 2002.

The sexual acts apparently had been recorded using a hidden camera and were on a pornographic DVD, titled Affairs with Others' Wives, which the husband bought from a vendor to watch at home. 

Lee, who lives in Taoyuan County near Taipei, divorced his wife after viewing the DVD. His friend, a butcher, fled their village. 

In August 2008, Lee spotted the butcher in Changhua City, returned with a knife and stabbed his former friend in the thigh. 


1. When having sex in a motel, make sure to choose a reputable establishment that uses two camera shoots and quality editing. 

2. Make sure the woman knows to fake a few orgasms and comment appreciatively on your size and skills.

3. Be wary of poetic justice. If you are a butcher, expect to be stabbed with a knife. If you are a teacher, expect to smothered in chalk dust. Be prepared.

This reminds me of the story, possibly an urban legend, of the foreigner in Changhua who was caught sleeping with the police chief's wife. That pretty much means your ARC is going to be revoked, dude.

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