Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Foreign Language Books in Taiwan

I have been a long-time customer of Amazon.com for my books, but here is something I found out tonight that might save you some bucks on freight.

There is a wikipedia seach function based on ISBN numbers...which has a link to buy the book you look for in Taiwan at www.books.com.tw

So, in this case I was looking for this book, and you could buy it at www.books.com.tw in English! Cool! The website is all in Chinese, but the books are in English.

And if you don't want to read non-fiction, they have fiction, too. The selection is probably not super comprehensive, so IJ will be satisified with this book, but Karl will have to find his Maplethorpe's Tranny Ninja-Pirates Pictorial elsewhere.

As for pricing, Dan Brown's Angels and Demons is NT$ 350. Its US$ 10.19 at Amazon.com, not including freight to Taiwan, so it seems a good deal. (Not saying that book is good - just using it as a standard unit.)

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Karl said...

I already own that Maplethorpe book. It's awesome.