Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Computer Tip

Maybe I am the only idiot who would like to input Chinese characters with my Windows still in English, but here's how you can do this. You will need a Taiwanese keyboard though.

謝謝你, Pinyin Joe.

Warning: I was forced to learn this in order to assist my wife in buying Isotonix OCP on-line. Thanks to your wife, IJ, for getting my wife hooked on yet another expensive quasi-medical habit.

p.s. don't tell her I said that, dude, or I will get killed. Seriously. 


Karl said...

I use Google's input thingy:

because I am hooked on pinyin.

Anonymous said...

I use a similar setting so my Queen can key in in Chinese when using my computer. Very useful, good and of course accurate... if you know Chinese.
About the Isotonix OPC-3 formula, there is a easier and cheaper way: Roman used to only eat grapes (all: skin and seeds) during 2 weeks, nothing else, just to clean... you know.
But yes... I know the cons, 2 weeks!!!
So maybe if diet was the target, a Taiwanese keyboard is not important. But a fruit shop, yes. If two weeks is acceptable :-)
By the way, are you still alive?
Especially if you adviced to your Queen to have a only 2 weeks diet with grapes...