Friday, February 06, 2009

Taichung voucher drawing

Like most other cities in Taiwan, Taichung is holding a drawing to encourage people to spend their vouchers in their area. If you qualified for the vouchers you can enter the drawing. Here is what's what with that.

  • First, you need to spend at least $3,000 worth of your vouchers ( it doesn't have to be at one place at one time ) and save the receipts.
  • Check your receipts. The ones printed by the cash registers should have the correct info without anything needed to be added. They will have the voucher characters on them (消費券).
  • Some printed by the cash registers will not have this. Have the clerk write them along with the voucher number(s). A store chop might also be necessary.
  • Hand written receipts need the store's official chop, the uniform invoice number of store, store name and address.
  • Attach receipt(s) to entry form and mail in or drop off at almost any store in town - convenience stores, Costco, Carrefour...

There are 3 major prizes.

Third prize is for 5 plane tickets to Hangzhou and has already passed.

Second prize is 3 Hyundai cars. The dates for the drawings are 2/15, 3/01 and 3/15. Make sure you have dropped off your entry the day before the drawing.

First prize is an apartment on Wen Hsin South Rd. It's about 50 ping and valued at around $13 million NT. Be careful. The entry form states that the drawing goes until 3/29. However, this is not accurate. On 3/22, the government will draw the names of 10 lucky souls who then have to wait until 3/29 when the gov holds the final drawing for the lone winner. So 9 people get the opportunity to sweat it out for a week before being disappointed. So, if you haven't entered before the 22nd, you're out of it. Entry forms are supposed to be available at the same places you can drop off your form, i.e., practically any store.

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